What Does it Cost to Build a Real Estate Team?

Do We Need More Affordable Housing?

As affordable housing advocates and developers work to increase and improve low- and moderate-income housing units across the United States, they repeatedly hear the same question: Do we really need more affordable housing? Because home prices have fallen so sharply in the last few years, and there’s an abundance of houses on the market, people assume that there’s no need to keep building new low-income housing units. However, the need is still great.

Buying Real Estate in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia

The sunny, dry climate of the Okanagan Valley attracts more and more tourists and people who wish to relocate after retirement every year. Buying real estate in this part of Canada, one of its warmest regions, is a sound long-term investment. With more than 2000 hours of sunshine every year and just 30 to 40 cm of precipitation, the climate is ideal for an outdoor lifestyle.

Is Your Clothes Dryer Quietly Plotting To Kill You?

Most of us have a clothes dryer in our home; we use them on a regular basis without too much thought. We take them for granted. But, there are hidden dangers and monetary considerations regarding clothes dryers that should be considered if they are to be operated safely and as economically as possible. In this article, some of those issues are presented for your consideration.

New Homes Are An Excellent Option For Newlyweds

This article gives some advice for new homes and how newlyweds could benefit from purchasing one. Read on to learn more.

Affordability of Real Estate to the Customer and Other Ideas

The real estate industry is an assortment of property agents, brokers and firms. They offer an assortment of properties from bare raw land to low-cost housing, lower and upper middle-class dwellings in stand-alone houses and/or row houses. Expensive apartments, luxury condominiums and even mansions are leased, managed or sold by different sorts of real estate establishments. There are so many faces of real estate. Exposure to the industry for some time, more or less, gives one an idea of types of properties handled by particular real estate firms.

A Glimpse Of Mexico – The Country, Its People And Its Economy

Mexico is a country of interesting history. Its close proximity to the United States makes it more fascinating. Its people and its economy are equally worth knowing to appreciate why it continues to draw visitors around the world.

Moving Tips To New Home

Who would disagree that moving can be one of the most tedious jobs ever? You are packing up your entire life to switch to a new home. It is very easy to get frustrated as you pack up your things and leave many memories behind. However, there are also many hints that can help make this exasperating job much simpler.

Living in a Tiny Home

People can be very picking when it comes to where they live and how big their home or apartment is. However, there are some people who are perfectly content living in a tiny home.

University-Palmerston: Toronto’s Unique Neighbourhood

The University-Palmerston (or South Annex) area is a mix of single family houses, student housing, condominiums and retail development. Next to the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus, the neighbourhood has…

2012: Market Prediction For Buyers, Sellers and Investors for Real Estate in the San Diego Market

A succinct narrative from a local San Diego Real Estate professional on the current status and 2012 market prediction of the San Diego real estate market for buying, selling and investing. All real estate is local, and coming from the perspective of a professional on the front lines, here is the most updated information for the San Diego market; here is whats in store for San Diego, and here’s what buyers, sellers, and investors should be looking for throughout the year.

Best Mortgage Deals: 203(K) Renovation Loans From FHA

Want to add value to a home? Some of the best bargains are properties in need of repair. The FHA 203(k) mortgage includes the cost to purchase or refinance and make repairs in one loan.

Understanding and Identifying Roof Leaks

Home inspection services concentrate on three major areas for roof leaks. These are: The condition of the roof covering; the pitch of the roof (is it adequate to ensure that the roof covering is weather-proof?); and the condition of the flashing in areas of the roof intersect abutment walls, chimneys, parapet walls and other roofs.

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