The Worst Investments You Could Ever Make!

Property Mougins, the Most Charming Place to Go

Mougins is a charming vacation destination in southeastern France. It is famous for a lot of things including its lush forests, mouth watering cuisine and exquisite real estate.

Cap Ferrat Real Estate

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat has long been the playground of the rich and famous. This lovely area, located in Southeastern France, is a perfect holiday destination and home to some of the most exclusive and exquisite pieces of real estate in all of Europe.

Real Estate South of France

Southern France has plenty to offer, from the serene beaches to the quiet countryside, there is something for every kind of visitor. One place that every visitor to the region must experience at-least once is Cannes. While Cannes has become world renowned for the annual film festival held here, it also features beautiful beaches, spectacular shopping opportunities and of course, a vibrant cultural hub. If you are in the mood for taking a cruise then keep in mind that there are plenty of yachts available for charter.

Hartford Connecticut Market Conditions

Analysis of Hartford Connecticut market conditions over the past year. This is a quick look to see what has been happening in Hartford for single family residential sales over the past year.

Introducing Steel Kit Homes

What are steel kit homes? If you have never heard of them, then you are really missing out. Imagine having a home that you didn’t have to worry about catching fire and burning to the ground.

Washington Park Homes Are Finally Starting to Come Back

The higher-end Washington Park homes market, encompassing properties often requiring jumbo loans, was one of the hardest hit segments during the recent slowdown. This is an unusual occurrence that wasn’t present in past slowdowns, because Washington Park homes selling for around $500,000 traditionally attract fairly stable buyers with permanent jobs.

5 Reasons Home Prices Won’t Increase Anytime Soon

Background demographics and trends will slow both home sales and home prices in the U.S. for years. Those banking on housing prices going up similar to recent decades will be sorely disappointed. Factors ranging from interest rates to the retiring Baby Boomers will all converge to halt any price increases.

What Makes a Luxury Property in Malta?

Highly finished, exquisitely decorated, superb view, all amenities and many more embellishing adjectives gather around to bring you what you might visualise as being the idyllic luxury property of your dreams. Estate agents tout what they believe to be the most highly sought aspects of any one property and chances are they will accompany their coloured jargon with just as many coloured pictures to prove their point. But what does make a luxury Maltese property after all?

The Difference Between an Apartment and Condo

Some of the differences between owning a condo and an apartment are as follows. A condo is bound to the rules of the Condo Act wherein you have to strictly follow what is written on it.

Playa Del Carmen Real Estate – From Humble Past to Expat Paradise

It interesting to note that Playa del Carmen has become one of the world’s favorite beachfronts to live on in a relatively short period of time. Comparisons of the past now highlight several important points of what real estate in Playa del Carmen has become since its humble beginnings.

Rent to Own Homes – Potential Benefits For Tenant Buyers

In this litigious world, if you are seeking a property to call your own then you must consider the option of rent to own real estate. It basically works on the idea that you rent a house and eventually have the option of buying it after some time. This simply means that a huge percentage of the rent money you pay in an RTO home would directly go to the purchase down payment price.

Updated Washoe County Home Values Could Mean Lower Property Taxes

Recent updates to the Washoe County home values by the treasurer’s office could mean lower property taxes for many Washoe County homeowners. Updated property value notices were sent to homeowners in November and December 2009.

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