The Truth About the 2021 Housing Crash

Is A Mobile Home Right For You?

Mobile homes have a long history. It dates back in the early days of cars and other transportation discoveries. The said homes were popular for those who love to camp. They served as their comfortable abode while away from home. These types of properties also appealed to buyers whose lifestyles require a lot of moving. However, in the mid 19th century, this changed. People have been purchasing it as an alternative to expensive homes. Such homes were purchased and assembled in an area where they are expected to stay for a long time.

Pet Management In A Major City

Pet owners understand how fun it is to have a pet cat or a pet dog. The best thing about having pets is that they love their owners – no matter what.

Why Fort Collins Real Estate Is A Sought-After Location For Residence

Reasons why Fort Collins in Colorado is considered as a popular residential location. Why home buyers pick Fort Collins, Colorado as their city of residence.

Portugal – Down But Not Out

Portugal has a proud history as one of Europe’s old guard elite, which can be felt in its historic castles and proud university towns. It has an old fashioned charm that pervades throughout the country and a sense of adventure that is at the heart of this worldly charm of old. No longer the alternative holiday destination for discerning travelers, looking to avoid the packed beaches of Spain and the Greek Islands, Portugal has now become a holiday Mecca in its own right and the Algarve is currently as famous as anywhere for sun, sand and sangria. In saying that, there is still plenty of mystery to find in Portugal if you can just go beyond its southerly coast line.

Waterfront Properties Are Very Popular In Cape Coral

If you are in the market for a waterfront property in Cape Coral, Florida, you should hurry as your chance to find one at a good price is diminishing by each and every day. The distressed waterfront houses, including foreclosures and short sales are minimal and almost gone. From a total of 874 waterfront properties available on the city’s market, only 132 are distressed. Over the last three years, the waterfront property sales have been averaging around 25% of all sales in Cape Coral, according to Paula Hellenbrand, former president of the Cape Coral Association of Realtors.

Housing Gets More Expensive In Florida

Up until this year, the Lee County existing home prices rose as foreclosures continued to fall, even as the country’s national marked continued its long decline. Local experts say that we should not expect any significant changes in the near futures as things keep bumping along the bottom. As far as the median price for a single-family home that was sold with the help of a real estate agent, it increased by 4% this February – from $87,900 to $91,500, in comparison to 2010, according to the statistics published by the Florida Realtors.

No Need To Be Spooked In Erie, Colorado

Erie Colorado is one a beautiful northern suburb of Denver. This area offers some great housing communities such as Cottonwood Vista and Canyon Creek.

Be a Part of It: Buy a New House in New York

In the song “New York, New York” written by Liza Minelli and performed by the legendary Frank Sinatra, one line in the chorus goes “I want to be a part of it: New York, New York.” This echoes what many individuals across the country, as well as people the world over, want to do: be a part of New York and live in the city itself. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city is home to some 8 million people, and is the most populous city in the country.

Common Roofing Issues Found During a Home Inspection

During a home inspection we find common issues with roofs, whether the home is new or not. A majority of these issues are due to lack of maintenance or incorrect installation.

Where Are House Prices Headed?

Housing prices will begin to stabilize when they have reached affordable levels. This is defined by the average income range for a given area. Some areas have a higher income average, and some lower. When housing is affordable, it’s because income is high enough or home prices are low enough to make the mortgage payment affordable for the majority of buyers.

Application for HDB Build-To-Order Flats in Singapore

It can be quite jittery for first time home buyers in Singapore, especially young couples applying for BTO flats. Here is a list of steps you can take before making your application.

Discover the Secrets of Phuket’s East Coast

It wasn’t long ago that the east coast of Phuket didn’t even get a second glance. It was considered by many to be too remote, too dull and too boring. However, recently it has been discovered by property buyers who would rather it remained a secret. The west coast has always been the preferred destination in Phuket with its idyllic sandy beaches, quaint seaside towns and villages and a good mix of top quality restaurants. Since the late eighties, when the island started to develop as a tourist destination, luxury hotels, boutique resorts and plenty of apartments and villas have sprung up on the west coast. Making it popular but perhaps a little over-crowded.

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