The Best Black Friday Real Estate Deals

The Power of Homeowner Associations

Many homeowners like knowing that rules exist to help keep a community or subdivision regulated because it helps maintain property values. Issues such as architectural designs, external buildings, exterior colors, and solicitation may have a negative impact on the community.

Transportable Homes – Essential Questions For Building Contractors Before You Sign Contracts

To ensure you get the very best contract builder for your transportable home, you need to make sure you ask the right questions. This article gives you things to ask so you have peace of mind.

Properties in Le Marche – A Strong Attraction For Overseas Home Buyers

Le Marche is definitely one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and its property market attracts every year thousands of overseas home buyers. This article gives a good idea of the reasons of this appeal and also some information on what is on the trend.

Relocatable Homes – Are They Your Best Option?

As far as affordable housing goes, relocatable homes are a very viable option. However, that does not necessarily mean they are the best option for you.

Transportable Homes – Attractive Modular Homes Are the FASTEST Way to Your Dream Lifestyle

This article outlines the attractive style and design options that have evolved as the transportable homes industry has accelerated due to higher demands for fast, affordable housing. No longer are modular homes a ‘box’. Portable homes now have character and style as architects embrace modular building methods for small one-bedroom studios, to 3 story luxury abodes.

Renting Or Buying – There is No Universal Best Choice

There seems to be an eternal argument about which is the better way to go: renting a home or buying one. The truth is, however, both renting and buying have their own pros and cons and depending on your lifestyle, situation, and preferences, there is no clear-cut winner.

A Focus on Downtown Orlando Real Estate

A Focus on Downtown Orlando Real Estate. See a small taste of what Orlando is all about.

How to Reduce Closing Costs in Any Real Estate Transaction?

Home Closing costs is one of the biggest concerns for buyers and sellers during any real estate transaction. During home buying process most people think that the down payment is going to be enough however you will have additional closing costs to your down payment. There are many professionals will work for you during your real estate transaction who may not even see or talk with you such as title assistant, staff of the lending company, escrow agent, appraisers and more.

Home Median Prices Plunge Deep Below in the Bay Area

The fall in prices is reported as unprecedented 27 percent from what it was a year ago. The reasons attributed for the trend in Bay Area are: more home sellers settled for less on the sale prices; mortgage lenders unloaded more aggressively-priced foreclosure properties from the inventory; and more of the home sales activity shifted to less expensive areas, particularly inland. Added to this, extension of credit for prospective home buyers from the high-end areas on the coast remained tightest.

Market Update For April and May 2010 at Naples

An overall analysis of the housing market of Naples, during the months of April and May 2010, brings cheers for the simple reason that home buying activity is picking up; inventory of unsold properties diminishing, although the median home prices are somewhat decreasing. Understandably, due to the housing bubble engulfing all the markets of US, and Florida being the third most-hit State in the Top Ten of them by the foreclosure crisis, the Naples market is not functioning normally as it was.

The Reasons Why My Family Looks For Homes in Utah, Part 2

Finding a home that fits your entire family can be difficult. That is why when we made our decision to move to Utah, we considered important factors specific to our family. In this article, we’ll discuss the relative crime rates and how they can affect your family.

Living in and Loving the Bubble – Life in the Utah Valley

So, I have lived in Utah Valley for about 4 years now, and if I have learned anything while being here, it is that this area is so dang beautiful. I look out my window (I live half way up on the mountain by BYU’s Y), and I always have this breath-taking view of Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork, and the outlying areas.

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