Should I Sell or Rent My Home?

Less Is More – Is the Tiny House Movement for You?

Americans live, on average, in the largest houses in the world. An average family has a house that is over 2,500 square feet, and many people aspire to own houses that are even larger. But, there is a small but significant movement toward the other end of the spectrum: more and more people are seeking out houses that are extremely small, some as little as 150 square feet inside.

How Is It Possible For Me To Lose My House?

For most people the thought of losing their home is almost unthinkable, but today it happens more then you would like to think. It is vital that you know how to avoid an eviction and how to best get the right information to avoid that hardship. Here are a couple of the ways that you can face eviction as a homeowner and how to best be prepared in case it does happen.

Making Your Home Thanksgiving Ready

Are you going to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? If so, you are probably feeling a bit nervous, excited, and maybe even a little overwhelmed. You are looking to make this special holiday perfect and for all of your guests to be happy and full!

Living in Thailand – Accommodation Costs 2013/14

Here we take a look at rental accommodation costs for the Thai capital Bangkok, and its Northern capital Chiang Mai. These rents that have barely seen an increase in over 20 years!

The Basics Of Making Your Next Move

Often times when we start to think about making our next move we can get quite excited for the possibilities. However, the challenges and time constraints of the moving process can sometimes overshadow this excitement. So how then can we reduce this moving related stress and keep our eye on the ball?

Is It Wise To Buy a Luxury Home In Pune?

Pune has seen a paradigm shift in the kind of housing and residences it offers since the last decade. From wadas, standalone buildings and own bungalows, the city’s skyline is now giving way to townships, luxury projects, high-storey buildings and row houses.

How to Sell Your House Fast

Selling your home fast is often down to how well the market is presently doing. None-the-less, there are several things you can do to boost the chance of selling your home quickly.

Is London Property Investment Really A Safe Haven For Investors?

While the rest of the boroughs and towns in the UK are busy scrambling to try to reach a point of sustainability, there has been an enormous amount of demand put on the British capital. London is commonly referred to as being the safe haven for investors from overseas to purchase properties in. Figures released from many profound real estate gurus have revealed that the average price for a piece of London property has increased since the start of 2013.

Why Are Houses In Porto Seguro So Attractive To Home Buyers?

For those of you looking for a reasonably priced but comfortable house on the Bahia Discovery Coast, taking a look at the houses in Porto Seguro should be a priority. The town has its own airport and is well connected by air and road to other parts of Brazil.

Choosing To Buy A Historic Home In Grand Rapids, Michigan

West Michigan is a desirable location to live. One of the great cities in the area is Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids has a lot to offer from art, to entertainment and an abundance of great restaurants, it is easy to find things to do year round.

Vancouver’s First Co-Housing Community Gets to Work

Co-housing communities already exist on the outskirts of Vancouver such as North Vancouver’s community project that was completed in 1998, and also one in Langley and in Burnaby. But the new co-housing community project taken on by Cedar Cottage Cohousing Corporation is facing a few speed bumps on its path to construction. The group only recently received rezoning approval by the City of Vancouver’s Design Panel.

Living Out of an RV – 10 Tips for Making an RV Your Home

When we moved into this 35 foot fifth wheel, I immediately said, “No Way!” Then, within a few weeks, I had thoroughly changed my idea of RV Living.

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