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A Typical Spanish Revival Home

If you have been wondering what a Spanish Revival home would look like, then the following few lines are a must read for you to enhance your knowledge, taste and might as well develop liking that will be enough to make you get your hands on one. This kind of architecture is typically a mixture of the early Spanish colonial architecture with elements of the Mission style and Pueblo style of architecture as well. This type of architecture first came about in the early parts of the 20th century and has evolved in the next few decades to its present form.

Spanish Revival Structures and Homes

The Spanish Revival style of architecture came to prominence in the early parts of the 20th century when the architects, who were designing buildings at that time, toyed with the idea of combining the different styles of architecture at present during that time such as the Pueblo style of architecture as well as the Mission style with the early Spanish architectural style in vogue in the former Spanish colonies of California, Texas and Florida. This idea, when implemented in reality gave birth to this new style of architecture known as the Spanish Revival.

Features of Spanish Revival Architecture

Spanish architecture has always one of the most beautiful and significant styles of architecture in the world with its brilliantly carved and intricate designs, the framing of the whole structure, the roofs with the beautiful red tiles and so many other features that has given it the standing at the very top of the world of architecture. With the advent of the Spanish to the American shores to expand their colonies, came their style of architecture and with time, got incorporated with the typically modernist American style and blended in with it to form a very unique style of architecture that is known to us as the Spanish Revival style of architecture.

Spanish Revival Architecture: The Unique Mix

Spanish Revival Architecture is the unique mix of Spanish heritage and the culture of their territories which they left post the 1930s in the central Americas and now the style has spread the world over and in fact is in great demand among the real estate buyers that are there. As a basic element, one of the most striking features of these constructions is its sheer opulence in the ornately designed windows and the furniture along with the huge number of columns which adorn the entire length of these buildings. Not only in architecture but such style of construction is also seen in case of churches which existed right from the original revival period.

Spanish Revival Architecture Designs

Limited to only a specific amount of regions, the style of Spanish Revival architecture is seen as one of the most beautiful styles of building that the world has seen and indeed can still see with its new interpretations that are being built even to this day. It started basically after the Spanish occupants of the Central American region left and their style of architecture mixed with the local style and then came the new Revival architecture. This style of buildings involves designing of homes which have large sprawling layouts and are generally not more than two stories in height. However they make for one of the most opulent designs that one can find. In fact, in the regions that contain the original revival architecture, the constructions are a tourist spot.

A History of the Spanish Revival Architecture

The techniques that are most typically used in Spanish Revival architecture are the details and designs that were mainly developed centuries ago but with time, have evolved into what we see now in the modern day world. This style, as the name suggest, obviously developed in Spain in the Iberian Peninsula so many centuries ago, and yet it is very modern, immensely functional and very attractive, qualities that have made it one of the most used styles of architecture in the world today, particularly in the United States of America.

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