Should I Buy a House That’s Old or New?

How Will Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Gain From a New Airport?

These days the big news for Tulum, located on the Caribbean side of the Yucatan peninsula, is the progress in planning the new Riviera Maya International Airport. But what about those of us buying Playa del Carmen real estate? What does this new airport mean for us?

Mexican Retirement Communities – Charming Inland Towns and Cities

While many Mexico retirement communities on the coast have become favorites over the past few favorite for Americans and Canadians, either retired or coming up to retirement, another possibility which has been somewhat less popular, but is, indeed, no less attractive, is the charming little towns and colonial cities of the countries interior. In terms of charming little towns, one has already succeeded in gaining a reputation and strong following right up there with some of the most popular beachfront destinations; this is Lake Chapala.

Mexico Homes – Charming

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Mexico home, you’ve probably considered the possibility of living near the beachfront, or perhaps in one of the charming colonial cities. While these are excellent options, there is a third option on the rise, which are the picturesque little towns, full of tradition and history, the best of which have been gaining an official recognition from the Mexican government as “Magic Towns.”

New Playa Del Carmen Homes – Excellent Investment – $200,000

When buying a home on the beachfront, besides having access to a top-quality beachfront lifestyle, it also isn’t a bad idea to make sure that this home will be a good investment in terms of your financial future. One new development of Playa del Carmen villas, located on Mexico’s famous Yucatan Peninsula, just south of Cancun, offers just that.

Why is Playa Del Carmen Real Estate So Well-loved?

For the last decade, Playa del Carmen, located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s famous Yucatan peninsula, just south of Cancun, has been a growing favorite for Americans, Canadians and Europeans relocating to the beachfront. Here a few reasons.

Cancun Condos and Homes – Hollywood Stars, Luxury Lifestyle

If you were to buy a property on the beachfront, wouldn’t you choose the place that combines a growing role on the international scene with accessible prices? If you said yes, consider a home or condo in Cancun.

Sheriff Sale Ins and Outs

This article talks about a sheriff sale and how it works. It also gives some tips about this kind of events.

Major Provisions on Apartment Housing Ownership Act – 2054

An individual, organization or a company who wants to construct an Apartment Housing should write an application along with the proposed map, structural design, land ownership certificate, distribution procedure of the apartment units etc. Apartment housing can’t be constructed without receiving the legal permit.

Pune Real Estate – The Price of Rapid Urbanization

In cities like Pune, property buyers have no choice but to turn a blind eye to the absence of sufficient infrastructure. They are aware of the fact that they will face numerous inconveniences, but what can they do?

Searching For a New Home

There are few things as exasperating as house hunting. Yet it may be one of the most processes you ever go through. Remember, once you’ve selected a house, you will have to live with it (and in it) for a long time.

What Are Some Advantages of Buying Older Houses?

Older homes have a variety of advantages. Find out what these are so that you can consider buying one when shopping for your next home.

10 Rules of Owning a House

Owning and maintaining a home is a tremendous joy but also a big responsibility. Here are my 10 rules that home owners should live by:

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