Should I Buy a House in 2021?

Why Do Manufactured Homes Cost Less?

The answer lies in how they are constructed. Many people are choosing manufactured homes over conventionally stick built houses for the simple fact that they are finding that they can get comparable square footage and amenities for a lower price. Looking at how they are constructed gives us a good idea as to why this is generally true.

Real Estate Investing Tips That You Should Stick In Your Head

The real estate industry is something very serious because investments that are made in here involve a good amount of money. If you really want to make the best investment for you and your family, then you need to make good use of a couple guidelines that will help you to choose the right property to invest on. In this article we’re going to tackle different real estate investment tips that you need to stick in your head.

Sun Valley Homes For Sale Tidbits: Lovin’ A Mountain Livin’

Come and return to the simple life you’ll always love. The best in luxury real estate is no doubt found in Sun Valley. Elegant mansions mixed with homey residences, rustic log cabins, affordable condos and cottages in a natural, mountain setting to create a quaint mountain village. You’ll never fail to enjoy all the many activities and nature having any Sun Valley homes for sale has to offer.

Alamo Homes for Sale – Progress in Every Market Segment

A detailed market update about Alamo. Also, find out how each market segment for this neighborhood has progressively increased.

Why Buy Property in Portugal?

Buying property in Portugal has benefits which many savvy investors are now noticing. The old adage of ‘buy low, sell high’ never seems to fall out of fashion and the same can be said for Portugal, there are bargains to be had and now is the time to bag a promising investment property which could pay out massive dividends down the line.

School Performance in the UK and Property Values

Does School Performance have an impact on property values in the UK? If the answer is yes, should school performance be a factor when assessing comparative property values for Additional Housing Cost Allowance (AHCA)/Mortgage Disparity Assistance/Housing Cost Disparity payments.

Canada – The Best Place To Live In The World

For anyone thinking of moving country, there is often lots that must be considered and certain things that must be ‘given up’ when making the move. Often we move away from family, friends and the familiarity of places we have known for a long time, to find somewhere new that will afford us a better quality of life. It stands to reason that if we are to move away from much that we hold dear, then we would only do that if our new homeland offered up something really special.

FQ Story Historic Homes At Bargain Prices

When the housing crisis hit in 2008, home buyers found themselves losing their homes quickly from foreclosures and short sales. Those experiencing financial distress were uncertain of what the future held, and many are still having trouble making ends meet. But if you are looking to buy a home in the Phoenix area, you are living in an exciting time period.

Brookhaven Homes for Sale in a Neighborhood That Includes a Museum and a Distinguished University

Located in Atlanta and founded in 1835, Oglethorpe University, one of the earliest denominational institutions in the South, is an independent, highly-selective, coeducational liberal arts institution of just over 1,100 students from more than 34 different states and 36 different countries emphasizing the preparation of the humane generalist needed by a complex and changing society. Located on the beautiful, heavily-Gothic campus of Oglethorpe University, you’ll find the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, located on the top floor of historic Lowry Hall, a renowned museum offering a wide range of cultural displays, from antiquity to modern art. The museum also…

Moving Into Lancaster, PA: Homes That Make a Difference

People looking for a place to settle down in the Keystone State need not look further than Lancaster, PA. Homes in this area are reputed to have the best place to nurture families, as seen in its great neighborhoods and good schools.

Using Cap Rate to Value Properties

Direct Capitalization Formula Perhaps half of all investors use this next rule of thumb to rule out properties that won’t work for them. It’s commonly called Direct Capitalization or the “Cap Rate” approach. Some investors know this Capitalization Rate (“Cap Rate”) or Discount Rate by other names, such as the Hurdle Rate or the Opportunity Rate.

The Keys of Vendor Finance

Even if you have a bad credit rating and have been rejected many times by banks, you don’t need to lose hope that you will be able to get yourself the funding to buy a great house. There are lots of ways to get the finances that you need, without worrying about credit rating.

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