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Luxury Homes of the Rich and Famous

If you have any interest in real estate, you’ll find the homes of the rich and famous quite enlightening. Not only can you garner some ideas, but you’ll get some insight into their private lives.

Oakville Clearview Neighborhood – 2009 Real Estate Prices

Now that 2009 has drawn to a close, it is interesting to go over the real estate activity which has taken place in the Oakville neighborhood of Clearview. Clearview is located in the northeast part of Oakville, bounded by the QEW Highway to the north, Winston Churchill Blvd. to the east, Sheridan Garden Drive to the south, and Ford Drive to the west. There are just over 2000 residences in Clearview, comprising of detached homes, semi-detached, link homes (joined below grade), and freehold townhomes.

When Can One Green Neighbor Prevail Over Another Green Neighbor?

Not applicable in California, the “Doctrine of Ancient Lights” is a common-law principle meaning that after a property owner has made continuous use of a property for 20 years, that owner acquires an easement preventing neighbors from building obstructions that block light from passing through windows or into the building of the adjoining property or interfere with that light. Save for some minor exceptions, California favors property owners who develop their properties; it generally does not follow the Ancient Light principle.

My Predictions For 2010

I think we are in for a wild 2010. Foreclosures are going to skyrocket, not only here in the US, but all over the world. The worldwide real estate crisis will cause new wars and hardships.

2009 South Bay Home Sales Summary

The credit or financial market crash of late 2007 beat up the South Bay real estate market pretty well. The market adjusted to median sales prices in most areas at levels last seen in 2003 or 2004 for most areas. Though prices in most areas are still off by 20 percent or more, some areas are experiencing a rebound in pricing.

Before You Advise Your Clients to Rent Their Current Home and Buy Another, You Need to Know This!

When someone buys a home before selling their current home, they may have a problem: if they have a mortgage on the old home, that debt is included in their debt-to-income ratio. In the old days (pre-2008), home buyers who did not sell their home first had at least a couple of ways to offset their mortgage debt. Some lenders would accept the income reported on a rent survey prepared by a licensed appraiser.

An Interview With a South Bay Developer

These have certainly been interesting times for contractors and developers throughout the country. This article is excerpted from an interview with a Los Angeles area developer.

Property Values Rise Again in October

October was the fifth month in a row with gains in home prices, though only eleven out of twenty major metropolitan areas actually reported higher prices. The S&P / Case-Shiller home price index, released on Tuesday, was up around 5 percent from September to a seasonally adjusted 145.4. If left unadjusted the index would’ve remained unchanged.

Foreclosures Versus REO-Based Benefits to the Home Buyer or Investor

REO or Real Estate (Bank) Owned Properties can be great investments for both individual home buyers (owner occupiers) or investors (own to rent) relative to foreclosures. Overall, waiting for a foreclosed property to be REO may be a better investment for an owner occupier or investor due to the following: The price is more attractive – typically 20% or 30% less than offered at foreclosure auction.

Pre World War II Houses Compared to War Time Houses

These houses built for longevity which you can find in all parts of the country usually have a large living area, up to 3,900 square feet, and the basements are usually not finished. Back in the day these basements were used to store either coal or wood and were not suited as living space.

New Boise, Idaho Patio Home Community Offers Five Floor Plans and Reasonable HOA Fees

Nestled in the center of Boise, Idaho, the new community of Englefield Green is for those age 55+ and offers patio homes (town homes) for sale. This is a small development with just 84 homes, and construction began in 2007. In addition to the town homes, Englefield Green is planning an onsite assisted living section and a memory care section and just broke ground on the new 85-unit assisted living building in September, 2009.

How Big of a Home Do You Really Need?

There are lots of opinions on how big your house should be and how much of your total income should go towards housing costs. Big houses are great to look at on TV and they are nice to drive by, but what do they really say about you? You have no way of knowing if the house is paid for or if the owner is up to their eye balls in debt, just by looking at the home.

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