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Pleasanton Market Update – August 2011

The last six-month period has been a very busy season for the Laguna Oaks neighborhood of Pleasanton and it looks like the 12 closed sales, which is a good amount of sales is what accounted for that. Within that time segment, June turned out to be the busiest month with four sales, which comprised 33.33% of the closed sales of the entire six-month season. This time period looks a lot better than the previous six-month bracket which only had five sales. There’s one additional sale pending and no active listings. Also, none of the properties in Laguna Oaks neighborhood are categorized as short sale or REO.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Home

It’s not wrong to dream big especially when it’s about a house you want to have for your family. Everybody wants to own a house they can live in comfortably for many years. Unfortunately, not all are able to own their dream house and it’s not good either if you rush in buying a home that will only lead you to huge debts later on.

What To Do In Or Make Of Your Beach Home

Have a blast as you had just purchased your (and everyone else’s) life-long dream – a beachfront house. Here are a few things you can make inside your luxurious abode and its neighborhood.

A Blend of Aesthetics – The Ineffable Queen Anne

Queen Anne is a neighborhood located in northwest Seattle, Washington. Being a wildly popular neighborhood to live in, and people relocate there in droves. This neighborhood is just north of Seattle Center in downtown Seattle and south of the Washington Ship Canal. Queen Anne sits on top of Queen Anne Hill, and overlooks downtown Seattle to the south from an elevation of 450 ft., which is rather considerable for Seattle, which slopes downward toward the ocean. From this high point, Queen Anne has the best views of the Seattle anywhere in the city. Residents can easily see the city sprawled beneath them, with Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier unfolding in the distance behind the city skyline. This neighborhood has been voted the “Best Neighborhood in Seattle” by Seattle Magazine two years in a row. And the views are only the beginning.

Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the top places to retire abroad for many reasons that include cost of living, the climate and the people. For those looking to retire in Costa Rica, finding the perfect home is not always easy and the first step in buying a home in Costa Rica is choosing the area that will suit you best.

Decorating In The Desert

A house is a personal reflection of you. Your feelings and lifestyle help you decorate the rooms with your own style. Furniture, pictures and color all are dependent on what you want your home to reflect at the end of the day. Finding the right style for you will take some thought, and possibly the involvement of your family and even your pets. Regardless of what you what style you want, remember to keep the experience fun.

Lakeland Florida – A Great Place to Live

I have come to realize in recent months, while residing for almost 16 years here in this charming and beautiful town, that Lakeland is a great place to live. Just between Tampa and Orlando with a growing population of over 93,000 Lakeland is located in Polk County – voted in 2007 as the All-American County. Did you know that in 1883 Lakeland’s citizens were going to name their town Munnville in recognition of Abraham G. Munn, a Kentucky businessman who purchased 80 acres which the town was located? I’m so glad that he declined the honor and eventually a more adequate name was sought out, due to the serenity of the many lakes surrounding this great community in Central Florida – the name Lakeland was selected!

The Best Of Both Worlds – Combination Of Nature And Modernity

Location of your apartment is as important as its investment value. Read this article and know how to find both comfort and modernity for an apartment.

Why Moving To Toronto’s Davisville Village Neighbourhood Is A Good Idea

Davisville Village is a very popular neighbourhood for singles, young couples, and families. The neighbourhood offers affordable Toronto real estate, along with great recreational facilities, outstanding shopping districts, active nightlife, restaurants, dinner theatre, clubs, and movie theatres.

Are You Really Ready for Your First Home?

For the average person finding a good job and buying a home are important milestones to reach in life. However there are a lot of things you should consider before jumping headfirst into owning your first home.

“Stay in Barcelona” Leaves With Memories for a Life Time

There are many sightseeing places in Barcelona. Also there is superlative provision of accommodation for the tourists. The stay in Barcelona leaves the tourists with memories to cherish for a life time.

Pleasanton Market Respites in June 2011

Pleasanton got back to activity in June after having been in sleep with a significant amount of pending sales of single family detached homes in June. A drop of 17 units of pending sales was accounted in June, being at 65 from May which had 85. This is the same with that of the level the Pleasanton market were on in February and March. However, such rate is still higher compared to the 55 pending sales reported last June last year (2010). What started the drop in sales were the homes priced between $1 million and $2 million. It was reported that, that segment comprised about a quarter of Pleasanton’s sales and inventory in June, but over HALF the decline in pending sales. This took place after the fluctuating level of sales activity in that segment in the month of May.

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