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Rent to Own Homes – A Tactical Approach!

Our ultimate destination is to find a land of peace that we can call as home. Home represents our perspective towards life and society at large. Homes are supposed to be our favorite shelter under the sky and there are no fixed rules attached to it.

Single Women & Homeownership

Single women as owners of a real estate property. Once unthinkable, now rapidly growing trend.

House Prices – The Future Outlook

What is likely to happen to the future value of your home? Why do indices quote different average prices and differing trends? We answer these questions and look behind the numbers by investigating the factors that play a crucial part in determining house values with particular focus on London and the forthcoming election.

Beware of Cap and Trade

The United States House of Representatives has recently passed a “Cap and Trade Bill”, HR 2454 that critics charge is so large & long that few if any Congressmen could have read or realize what is actually in the bill. Now that it’s passed, we do.

Richmond Hill – A Community On The Move

Finding and buying a home for sale in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada means moving to a young, vibrant and affluent community. Richmond Hill, with its population of approximately 200,000, is the 3rd most populous municipality in the York region.

Lake Chapala Real Estate – Retire With Sailing, Nature, and More

How do you imagine your retirement? A warm climate, a quaint, relaxing little town, relaxing strolls on a lakeside boardwalk, sailing on a beautiful lake surrounded by nature? You may wish to consider retirement on Lake Chapala, the leading Mexico retirement community for Americans and Canadians.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Luxury Homes

When dealing with luxury homes, one of the typical characteristics is cost. Unlike normal residential properties that might sell for a few hundred thousand dollars, a luxury home could sell for clearly over a million dollars. Often times, these houses sell for a lot more than just a million dollars. When looking at a luxury home, one of the prime things that is going to pop out after the price is the locations of these properties. Good amounts of the time, these houses are on luxurious islands hidden away from society.

Is Canada Too Expensive? Try Mexico Real Estate

Have you been thinking that Canada is getting too expensive? For real estate, for day to day living, for taxes? So do many other people – in fact, Canada’s tourist numbers have been dropping for this reason lately.

Home Value – 5 Lowering Habits

In this day and age we all seem to have a bad habit or two, but did you know that your bad habits could very well be bringing down the appraisal of your largest investment? That investment being your home. If you’re worried about receiving top dollar when it concerns selling / displaying your home, think of these following 5 bad habits that will lower a homes value and leave behind a spoiled taste in a possible purchaser’s mouth.

Homes in the Market Get Better

According to statistical determinations, home prices in the U.S. got better for the month of January and among those who have greatly gained from it came from the most beat-up markets in the country. The figures showed that it has been eight months in a row that such increase has been taking place and out of twenty cities, twelve of them experienced increase in prices over the month.

When Should You Take Surveyors Advice Whilst You Are Buying Another Home?

Considering getting a home survey done? I am often asked when is the best time to commission a Condition Survey on a house purchase deal. This no longer a simple question with an easy answer. Here I explain a few underlying principals that should cause you to judge the right moment to commit your funds to a private survey.

Know More About the Booming Charlotte Real Estate

There are many beautiful places in the Charlotte N.C area. If you are planning to shift then this place should definitely be taken into consideration. Charlotte real estate has a lot in store to offer to everyone.

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