Is it Better to Build or Buy a House?

Thinking of Buying a House in Leeds? Find Out What the City and Its Houses Have to Offer

We take a look around Leeds in the UK and focus on the houses for sale. Find out what Leeds has to offer.

Thinking of Buying a House in Nottingham? Find Out More About the City and Its Houses

Are you thinking about a move to Nottingham? We take a look at the housing market in Nottingham.

A Beginner’s Guide to Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a city like no other in Arizona. Home to the wealthy and successful, the town has beautiful homes and is sandwiched between Camelback and Mummy Mountains.

Hilton Head Communities: Three Things That Make Them Special

People’s taste in real estate varies as much as their taste in clothing. A house or region that is one person’s dream may be another person’s nightmare. Nevertheless, some residential areas tend to be more sought after than others.

Rentable Home Standards

Before going out on the lookout for a place to permanently rent, people should familiarise themselves with the general standards and minimum requirements that a rentable home should possess. It makes it that much easier to judge and see through the many choices and promises that are out there.

Is It a Good Time to Buy a Second Home?

Securing a second property to utilize as a vacation home can be a wise investment, and you’ll be happy to know that sales in some travel communities have sky rocketed to levels that haven’t been seen since before the real estate boom. Several key factors to the increase in sales can be attributed to low interest rates, discounted housing prices, and the rise in the stock market. Some areas such as Mercer Island in Washington, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and Palm Beach, Florida have experienced sales that have nearly tripled since the real estate peak and the figures are expected to increase.

The Benefit Cap and How It Will Affect Social Housing Tenants

The Benefit Cap in the United Kingdom will be introduced from April 2013 and it is estimated that 67,000 households will be affected. It ensures that people of working age (18 – 65 years old will be unable to receive above a set amount of benefits.

London Real Estate, Housing and Property Terms

These are the kind of properties you may come across in London. Each one is followed by a definition and distinctive characteristics. If you have wondered where to find information about each individual type, this is the place.

Living in a Historic Home

Living in a historic home is an enchanting once in a lifetime experience. It is a chance to revisit history every day and to think about what it might have been like to live during a historic period.

Are Appraisals Holding Up Home Sales?

Based on the National Association of Realtors (NAR), appraisals are the newest hurdle in the housing markets slowdown in sales. While over 60 percent of real estate agents surveyed reported no delays in contracts over the past four months, over 15 percent found their sales to be affected. Some of the factors at the root of the problem are that appraisers are not familiar with the area, lenders seem to be affecting the appraised values, inaccurate comparisons, and excessive mortgage lender requirements.

Obama’s Housing Relief for Veterans and Servicemen

In his state of the union address last March 2012, President Obama announced a 2-step housing assistance aimed at helping war veterans and active US military servicemen acquire a home for their families amidst the current economic stagnancy. This is a concretization of his blueprint for rebuilding the nation with a call to action for his administration to support the recovery of the local housing market.

Why Many Individuals Choose to Live in Heron Bay

Heron Bay presents a wonderful setting for convenient living. Read on and know the top reasons why many individuals have chosen to call this community their sweet home.

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