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What Are The Differences Between Assessed, Appraised And Actual Value Of A House?

As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the State of New York, for over a decade, I have often been asked what I thought someone’s house might be worth? Since many factors must be considered, one must be very careful in offering an opinion. However, I’ve also come to realize, many homeowners are somewhat (or more) confused between the difference between assessed, appraised, and actual value of one’s house!

6 Things To Learn From A Basement

You might be looking at the title of this article, and wondering how anyone can learn from a basement. After all, no one has ever heard a basement actually speak? Or, perhaps, we often do, but fail to recognize the signs or the language?

6 Important Types Of Maintenance, To Prepare Your House For Winter

Once you become the owner of your home, it is important to understand, houses require upkeep and maintenance on a regular basis. It is wise to budget accordingly, and to follow some sort of plan, in order to maintain the house, in order to minimize the chances for major issues occurring! Every season has some sort of unique challenges and obstacles, and it is wise, with fall upon us, to think about what needs to be done, now, to best prepare for winter.

Luxury Home Builders – Transform Your Dream Into Reality

If you are thinking of buying a new home and have the finances ready to invest, luxury home designs can be an ideal option for you. Here, you can arrange all facilities as per your requirement and preference. A custom-design home is no less than a dream home.

Is Your Vacant House a Financial Time Bomb?

One of the minefields lurking in most homeowners policies has to do with the problems that can arise when a home becomes officially “vacant,” by the standard established by insurers. I can tell you, from personal experience, practically no one I have ever asked is aware that their policies likely contain an exclusion regarding the matter of paying a claim if the house has been unoccupied for several weeks. A home can be deemed vacant by an insurer as a result of common occurrences that characterize the lives of most of us; for example, if you have moved from one…

Six Benefits of Living in a Stone House

There is something that is both rustic and charming about a stone house. The stone has an elegant appeal that simply says “luxurious”. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the way that this material looks as it sits gracefully by a pool, it can also provide a wealth of other benefits that may make homeowners reconsider what material they would like to make their new home out of.

Custom Home Builders Vs Production Builders

When comparing custom home builders and production companies, both seem to be almost the same thing. They both build new homeowners a house, and allow them to customize several things. Often, both companies will have experience, and will have friendly staff to discuss what homeowners would like to see in their house once it is done. There are a few key differences that homeowners should keep in mind when making this decision.

Custom Homes: The Hottest Must Haves

When a person decides that they want to build their own house, and that they would like to customize every square inch of it, what it is going to look like and what they should include are constantly on their mind. In today’s modern age, there are quite a few must haves that are making it to the top of the list. The most popular companies are seeing these requests again and again.

Basic Things Homeowners Seek, From Their HOUSE

As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in New York, I am often as guilty of this as anyone else – we spend so much time, effort, etc, on either buying or selling homes, we often ignore some of the fundamentals, of human nature. While the real estate transaction period, is often a tense and emotional one, the bigger picture, is whether the buyer, will find living in his new environment, satisfying, fulfilling, and meets his needs/ requirements. Therefore, let’s review, some of these fundamentals, and use the mnemonic approach, to consider the basic things, a homeowner seeks from his HOUSE…

5 Styles Of Houses: Which One’s For You?

Although there are many variations, and these are not the only styles of houses available, the predominant house-styles we see, in most areas of the country, include: 1) Colonial; 2) Cape (aka Cape Cod); 3) Ranch; 4) Split Level; and 5) Splanch. There are both contemporary and traditional variations of most of these, and they often come in a variety of sizes, etc. In most communities, Colonial houses fetch the highest price, and, generally, Cape-style homes, the least.

When Is A House, Not A Home?: 5 Ways

We have all heard the adage, A house is not a home, but how does that simple concept, impact, both homeowners and potential buyers. We often interchange the two words, yet, emotionally, they generally, mean far different things. While a house is something one looks at, from a rather detached, unemotional perspective, the house we live in, we almost always refer to as our home.

‘My House’ – An Essay or Song!

A subject or topic like ‘my house’ leaves you wondering whether it is the topic for an English essay or the vision of an architect or designer’s dream home! In reality, it is often the ice-breaker at dinner parties or kitty parties. ‘Your house and neighborhood’ is easily the most picked topic for a middle school English oratory exercise.

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