How to Use Leverage and Multiply Your Money 5X

How Do Cities Handle Code Liens?

Cities and counties handle code violations and liens differently than they did just a few year ago. In the so called “good old days” the revenue these municipalities received from code violations was not a lot of money. The building department was always a profit center for them but code violations were sort of a step-child.

Why Would Anyone Raise the Price If a Property Isn’t Selling?

I had to take back a property by foreclosure when a student that I loaned money to purchase the property defaulted. The amount of time involved in the foreclosure process was eight months and in the interim, the market declined and I was sitting with a property that had been stripped and mistreated.

Log Homes – Information on What Is Typically Included in a Log Home Kit

Building your own log home is an extremely exciting and adventurous prospect, but one that also involves a magnitude of choices, challenges, and decisions. Find information on what is included in a standard log home kit.

Why Should a Real Estate Rehabber Give a Homeowner A Warranty?

Most real estate rehabbers want to finish their rehab of a property and sell it as quickly as possible to make their profit. That’s understandable because of the carrying costs of the property and the money that is “stagnant” until the property is sold. Selling the property often comes down to the quality of the rehab job and the comfort level of the buyer with the purchase of an older property that could have problems later.

Home Owners, Ownership Society, and the Stability of the Civilization Discussed

Back in the day, only wealthy white male land owners could vote in America. The founding fathers believed that only those who had a financial stake and something to lose could be trusted to vote on the leaders who would then run the affairs of the community and state. Indeed, as much as I believe in fairness, democracy, liberty, and self-rule, I also see their point.

Protecting Your Home in a Flood Zone

Protecting your home in a flood zone is imperative. Knowing how to protect your home from flood damage is information all Australian homeowners need to know, even if your home is not located in a flood zone. Despite the common misconception, homes located in flood zones are not the only ones subject to flood damage.

Homeowners Can Save Money By Protecting Their Roof

Any family wishes to live in a decent home where they can feel comfortable and secure. As such, it is a homeowner’s responsibility to maintain his house moving forward.

Baywood And Aragon Real Estate’s Low Inventory – October 2011

Just like the Burlingame real estate, the inventory in San Mateo areas of Aragon, Baywood, and Baywood Knolls is down. But even with low inventory, sales went up a little in these San Mateo areas.

Home Improvement – The Very First Step

There are a couple of important things to think about when you decide to undertake any home improvement project, whether big or small, and one to start with is – what do you want and how are you going to do it? This article shows you some simple, affordable and powerful ways that may help you come up with even better ideas than you originally had in mind, and likely even create a result that adds more beauty and value to your house than you originally intended.

Shortlisted Homes For Sale

This article serves to help new house buyers to make the initial preparation. In order to shortlist the right house from the hundreds of homes for sales that are listed with the real estate agencies.

How Best To Find Houses For Sale

The economy may not have risen to its former glory but many people are taking advantage of the situation to find themselves their dream home. However, buying a home is not an exercise you do every day. It is definitely not as cheap as buying your car and it is not as easy as buying a car either.

Buying Another House in New Orleans, LA

With each inspiring blow of the saxophone player and every elegant twirl of the Mari Gras dancer, with each warm sip of cafe au lait, and every drink of the freshly brewed beer at a local bar, New Orleans surely leaves a classy hint of its own, on the hearts of the many, who keep coming back to get more of New Orleans’s jazzy vigor. Infused with historical influences from Africa, Latin America, Mexico, and Caribbean islands, New Orleans has a culture of its own that makes the option of buying another house in New Orleans simply irresistible!

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