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Naples of Long Beach, Discover More About This Neighborhood

Discover more about the neighborhood of Naples in Long Beach, Ca. This neighborhood offers prime ocean views, great beach homes, and fabulous nearby dining. Find out more today.

How a Home Warranty Complements Your Homeowners Insurance

Many home buyers consider a Home Warranty as an addition to their homeowners insurance policy. What an automobile warranty is to a new car, a home warranty is to a new home. Cars come with a warranty – a guarantee that the car will function, and all its parts will perform the way they’re supposed to for a certain period of time or use.

March 2011 Market Update on Bent Creek San Ramon, Walnut Hills and Canyon Oaks, Pleasanton

A comprehensive market update report on the neighborhoods of Bent Creek in San Ramon and Walnut Hills and Canyon Oaks in Pleasanton. This report features closed home sales, pending sales, and active listings in these neighborhoods.

House History – Using State Census Records to Research Your Property

Using state census records can help you fill in the gaps when researching the history of your home. After looking for homeowners in federal censuses, use the state records to determine any changes in ownership during intervening years.

Strawberry Park, Located in Steamboat Sprigs Colorado

Just north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado there’s a valley called Strawberry Park, so named for the neighborhood’s award-winning Strawberry boom between 1910 and 1013. ‘The Park’, about two miles long and a mile wide, is the last valley before the mountains of the Park Range rise to over twelve thousand feet. This beautiful neighborhood is located just north of Steamboat Springs, CO., and adjacent to Old Town Steamboat. All amenities that Steamboat Springs has to offer are just minutes from The Park including the Steamboat Ski Area.

Awesome Home Communities in Thornton, Colorado

Recently, I visited a friend of mine in Thornton, Colorado as I may be moving there. He’s an exceptional Real Estate Broker and I thought I would have him show me around. We visited 2 communities on my first day and I was super impressed with the homes and the area.

Shift in Paradigm for Real Estate in Bangalore

This article is about the changing skyline of the once beautiful city of Bangalore. How independent houses are giving way to high-rises and which are the places in Bangalore that are the most affected. The prices of the newly built apartments along with the locality are touched upon in brief.

Best Kept Real Estate Secret!

SW Florida properties at ridiculously low prices. Remember last winter, well you’ll soon forget it when you warm up to the prices available and the fabulous weather here in Southwest Florida. I don’t care what year or US location you’d attempt to use for comparison, if you are closing in on your retirement years or just want a “sunny-winter-getaway retreat” FOR PEANUTS… you would be hard pressed to find the bargains that abound where you would least expect to find them.

Things to See and Do in Pacific Beach, California

More than just partying and beach hopping, the sunny community where many Pacific Beach homes for sale are available was developed to offer many attractions for both young and adult residents. To help you gain information about where to go if you want to have fun time with family and friends, this article will supply you with some of the most popular attractions in Pacific Beach, California.

Will the Value of Your Home Rebound?

There are several ways to determine if the value of your home will rebound. Improvement in the economy is one determining factor that prices of homes will rebound.

5 Point Checklist for Buying Your First Home

When you are ready to search for the house that could become your home, you’ll need the right tools in hand so you can go into negotiations with ease. The more prepared you are, the less time it will hopefully take for closing, and you’ll be able to hold your keys in hand. While it’s true home buying can be a timely processed, with a five-point checklist in hand your experience should seem like it’s taking forever.

Geodesic Living Domes – Doing More With Less

Geodesic living domes are once again resurfacing as a viable alternative to more traditional architecture. The dome design is piquing interest in all corners of the globe, whether it’s from a desire to live in a unique, futuristic dwelling, or to get rid of the mortgage and embrace a more simple way of living. Domes are a convenient and economic solution to a diverse range of contemporary housing needs, and this article attempts to shed light on a few of the reasons why.

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