How to Invest $100 (5 Creative Ways to Multiply Money)

Super-Sizing Your Home’s Address – Why Doing This Could Save You Or A Loved One’s Life

Picture this: you’ve called an ambulance for help in a crisis situation. You’ve given them your name and address. The 911 operator says help is on its way. You wait, and wait, and wait. Why haven’t they arrived?

Is Your Dream Home A Former Marijuana Grow Op? And, If So, How Would You Know?

I have been selling Real Estate in Toronto for a number of years and have on occasion shown a property that – once inside – I suspected as being a marijuana grow house operation. To me all the tell-tail signs were there and I, of course, pointed these out to my clients. Grow-op homes are sold but with them come certain challenges like obtaining insurance, structural problems and maybe even an old buyer of the marijuana showing up one night for some product, as this person has not even realized the property has been sold and the former dealer long…

The Phuket Property Market

The Phuket Property market is booming and with such a wide range of property types available on this very special island, living the dream life, for many, is becoming a reality. If you are considering a home in the sun, the island of Phuket, basking in the southern Thailand sun, has a great deal to offer and is well worth your consideration.

Short Sale Offer Strategy

When it comes to the bank accepting your short sale offer there are a few things that have to happen. The first thing is that the seller has to prove to the bank that they can no longer afford to pay them what they owe the bank. They have to show proof of no funds in the bank, having being laid off or maybe some other family problem like death of a spouse. There has to be some kind of a hardship that is proved for the bank to allow the seller to let go the property for less money than they owe the bank.

The Modern Man Cave: The One Thing Besides the Kitchen That Will Sell Your Home

Just a little while ago (like 25,000-30,000 years or so) on the northern slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains in France prehistoric man ventured into a hole in the ground and unknowingly started a trend that would evolve into an important part of the modern home in America: cave decorating. Why did early man decorate the caves? Well, according to an article I read, early man didn’t really live in the caves.

Greeley Real Estate Tidbits: The Truth Behind Greeley’s Job Market Condition

Most of Greeley real estate holders are residents employed in multinational and local companies within the city. In general though, households’ choice to relocate depend not only on work possibility but also on the cost of housing.

Choosing a Home Watch – Considering Friends and Neighbors

Are friends and neighbors the best match for watching your home? They may be, but before you choose this option, read this article to discover three critical elements you may not have considered.

Staple Reasons Why Farmington Hills Real Estate Is The Right Home For You

Some reasons why Farmington Hills, Michigan may be the right residential location for you. Factors in choosing ideal locations. Why home buyers should look out for great locations instead of chasing their dream homes.

Good Public Transportation And Your Next Home

A lot of people consider the price, the floor area, and the style of the house as deciding factors whenever they purchase a new house. While these are all valid considerations, one aspect that must be equally considered is the location of the property. Of course, the location is dependent on an individual buyer’s preference.

A Quick History Lesson on the Town of Concord MA

Steeped in rich history and tradition, Concord, MA homes are situated in a very unique area of that state and even the country. The small town has seen it’s fair share of residents and notable literary figures in it’s time. Indeed, it still attracts those writers who are perhaps looking for their muse in the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Louisa May Alcott.

Top Reasons Why Yonkers NY Is a Great Place to Live

As a local Westchester resident I am clearly biased in the discussion, but I wholeheartedly feel Yonkers is one of the absolute best communities to call home in the greater NY metro area. If you’re looking to relocate to New York, or a current resident tied of living out of a closet in lower Manhattan, consider Yonkers as one of your potential alternatives. To maintain at least some semblance of objectivity, let me offer a couple of concrete reasons:

Spring, Texas Homes – The Hidden Jewel of the Houston Suburbs

Spring, Texas is a suburb of Houston, TX. It is located in the north part of Harris County and is centered between Houston and The Woodlands.

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