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Mazatlan Real Estate to Follow Cancun’s Success in Conventions

As Cancun advances in strides in promoting itself as a key destination for international conventions and conferences, Mazatlan has also decided to promote itself for this market. As key areas in the Mexico condo market, both largely successful due to the area’s popularity in tourism, Cancun and Mazatlan real estate show promise of benefiting from the new direction. In 2009, Cancun opened a second runway at its international airport with the purpose of supporting increased future traffic from two new directions the city has chosen; one is to develop its airport as an international hub, the…

Lake Chapala Real Estate – World Class Healthcare For Retirement

How would you imagine Lake Chapala real estate for your retirement? Quaint, white homes with red-clay roofs, a Mexican style courtyard, with terracotta tiles inside the home, with a view of the lake? While these homes most certainly exist, and many Americans and Canadians enjoy retirement in such traditional style homes, there is another side of Lake Chapala, both in terms of real estate, and in terms of services available to support a relaxing retirement lifestyle.

Mexico Real Estate – Safety, a Compelling Reason to Buy

Many Americans and Canadians thinking of buying a Mexico condo on the beachfront, or perhaps a lakefront home in the central region of Mexico rightly consider this move a dream come true; but media reports and big flashy news headlines deliver an inaccurate message to those north of the border, often portraying a negative image of Mexico. These often have to do with safety in Mexico. Here’s some news that might be surprising to many people who have not spent time in Mexico; safety is actually a good reason in favor of buying Mexico real…

The Difference of a Townhouse From a Condo

Condos and townhouses both have similarities and differences. Find out more details about these two types of homes so you can make your choice according to your preference.

The Chateaus of Coppell – A Premier Coppell Community

It’s no secret that Coppell has earned the reputation of being one of the most highly sought after communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This exceptional city has been awarded a number of accolades, including One of the Top 10 Places to Live in North Texas, by D Magazine. These accolades have brought a great deal of attention to this leisurely town of beautiful park systems and excellent schools.

UK Property Law – Guide and Information

The property law gives information on buying and selling a property or conveyancing. This takes place when a property for sale is requested by a buyer and the seller accepts the buyer’s offer.

Have a Unique House Without Breaking the Bank!

You can make your house unique without having to break the bank. These days, it’s all about mixing and matching or as they call it fusion.

The History of the Capitol Building’s Beulah Red Marble

The trip to transfer the stone from the quarry to Pueblo CO took two days. From Pueblo, the marble was freighted to Denver by rail. In 1893, $164 ($3866.15 in today’s money) bought the services of the people who were to install the marble. A crew of 10-12 men worked grueling 10 hour days for $1.50-1.75 to drill and mount the marble. That’s the equivalent of about $35.36-$41.25. It took 6 years, from 1894-1900, for the marble to be entirely installed.

7 Deadly Sins in Real Estate – How to Ensure Your Home Will Not Sell

In today’s real estate market, there are 7 deadly sins that if committed, will ensure that your home doesn’t sell. In this article we’ll examine what not to do if you want to be successful in the crowded landscape of today’s home market.

Yucatan Real Estate – Culture, History and Architecture

When you think of a historical place, rich in history, culture, architecture and art, what place do you think of? Maybe Europe? Perhaps Mexico?

Mexico Real Estate – The Best Source For Retirement Income

While at the moment the main source of your income may be your job, all of us are also considering the big day coming up, retirement day, and ways we can continue to enjoy a good income and lifestyle when we leave our job behind. One idea which can help you plan for a comfortable retirement is buying Mexico Real Estate. Recently, one retirement expert created one of the “top 10” lists of retirement income sources, here’s how buying property and living in Mexico can help you make the most of several of the items on the list.

Buying Property in Newmarket is on the Rise

Though there is a downfall in the US economy that many think will carry over into the Canadian market, this is however not true at all. The Canadian economy is actually thriving and this has caused a boom in the Newmarket real estate market.

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