How to Be A Successful Real Estate Agent in 2021

How To Start Your Search For A New Home

There are many different approaches to finding your dream home, but there are several tried and true methods to making your search successful. Here are tips on how to start your search for a new home.

Why Is Investment in James Island Real Estate Considered to Be a Worthy Move?

There are a wide range of options to choose from if you are interested in investing James Island real estate. There is more than one reason for this investment to be considered a worthy move.

Home Maintenance = More Money!

In this disaster of an economy we are all looking for ways to not only save money, but also how to MAKE money. As homeowners, we are all Real Estate investors and should act accordingly in regard to maintaining that investment. Just as you would hope to have full faith and trust in how your board of directors maintains the company representing your shares, you should be giving the same attention deserved to your own personal investment. This attention will always pay off in the long run, proper maintenance of any and all investments is rule #1 for any investor, and as a home owner – that’s what you are!

Charleston Real Estate – A Charming City With a Past

Home buyers looking for Charleston real estate have a wide variety of beautiful areas to choose from. Not only is it a great time to buy a home, Charleston has a home for every need and every budget.

Kissimmee, Florida: Real Estate and a Little History

The village of Kissimmee (pronounced “kiss- emmy) is linked to one of Florida’s least-known tribes, the Jororo Tribe. Other names through the years were Atissimi, Jizimi and Tisimi. In 1752, a Spanish map called this area “Cacema” which eventually became known as “Kissimmee.” First founded in the mid-19th century as Allendale, it became…

Understanding The Process of Buying a Manufactured Home

Manufactured home buying is quite a different experience than buying a stick built home. This article describes the process of buying a factory built home, the relationship between the retailer, manufacturer and buyer and provides important tips to keep costs down.

The Unbelievable Perks of Great Admiral Cove Homes

The Admirals Cove development in Palm Beach County, Florida, is one of the premiere communities in all of south Florida. Not only does it feature beautiful luxury homes, but the perks that come with living there are outstanding as well, including an excellent golf course, tennis courts and a marina.

Thinking About Buying A Home, Read This Before You Do

What should you consider before purchasing a home? Does it make sense for you? What are the pros and cons? You are about to find out the answers. First a little about my background; I don’t want you thinking that I’m some crazy man giving advice about something that I know nothing about. I have been in the Texas mortgage business for over 9 years; I have been on both the mortgage banking and mortgage broker side of the business. I have done financing for many clients including real estate investors; many of which have made many mistakes. Why is this important? You learn the most from transactions that go south; fortunately I got to learn mainly from other people’s mistakes, not to say that I did not make my own.

Real Estate: Four Things You Need To Know About House Flipping

House flipping is a relatively new phenomenon in the real estate industry that skyrocketed to popularity since 2001 during the era of the housing boom. There are two ways to flip a property namely purchasing a house and selling it and gaining good profit; and buying a property and doing some renovations on it before selling it. In this article, we’ll be looking at four real estate tips that you need to know about house flipping so that you can get the best profit out of the investments you’re going to make.

Cost of Living in Victoria, BC

The Cost of Living in Victoria, BC may be somewhat high in national comparison, but quality of life and global comparisons tell a different story. If you take a global view, comparing Victoria to cities possessing similar standards of living, temperate climate, natural beauty, employment and education opportunities, you are sure to find living in Victoria really offers great value.

Living in San Francisco’s East Bay

San Francisco Bay Area residents have many choices when it comes to where to live and work. The East Bay, which consists of both Alameda and Contra Costa County, provides a fabulous mix of great neighborhoods, excellent public schools, and wonderful proximity to the city of San Francisco, California.

Foreign Investors Gobbling Up Real Estate and Lifting Home Sales in US Hot Spots

Sliding home prices and a weak dollar has foreign buyers picking up homes and property at an incredible pace throughout many parts of the country. The surge is providing a much needed boost to the battered housing market, and particularly, in some of the hardest hit areas.

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