How Much Money Can 5 Houses Pay Me In Today’s Market?

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Real Estate in Punta Mita

Significant points and queries to focus on prior to settling for a real-estate investment. Puna Mita can be considered as one of the subtle spotlights of the Mexico City.

What the Heck Is Kitec?

Kitec is a plastic plumbing system installed Canadian and US homes from the early 1990’s until it was initially recalled in 2005. Premature failure has led to a cross-border class-action lawsuit.

Monthly Costs/ Expenses, Of Home Ownership

While many potential homeowners, look forward to achieving and getting, their piece of the American Dream, and owning, a home, of their own, we often witness, individuals, who fail to prepare properly, for future eventualities. In most cases, we need to use a mortgage, to obtain the necessary funds, for purchasing a house, and most, realize, they must, possess a quality credit rating, as well as the funds, needed for the down – payment, and other closing costs, and necessities. Your mortgage professional, can, and should, review these, with you, thoroughly, so you can better understand these, and prepare properly!…

Is It Your Ideal Home, Or Are You, House – Rich?

In most of our quests, to fulfill, our piece of the so – called, American Dream, the process of going, house – hunting, becomes, primarily, an emotional adventure, rather than, a realistic, relevant one, to better address our true needs, and requirements! Just as it makes little sense, to buy an automobile, simply, to impress others, and become, car – rich, it, similarly makes very little sense, to buy a house, solely, to show – off, and/ or, impress others! This is what I refer to, as being, house – rich, because, doing so, creates unnecessary stress, tension, and anxiety,…

Monthly Costs Of Home Ownership: The More You Know!

Although, for most Americans, owning a home, of one’s own, is often considered, an essential component of the American Dream, far too many homeowners, do not proceed, consistently, with their eyes – wide – open! Most realize there will be monthly expenses, and responsibilities, but, often, minimize, or fail to consider, those, besides the monthly installments, for, principal, interest, escrow, and real estate taxes. This article will focus on recurrent expenses, which, if someone plans for, and prepares accordingly, will significantly reduce, much of the stresses, involved in home ownership.

Renting Versus Owning: Which Is Best For You?

While, most couples, when they first get married, rent their living space, in many cases, they have, the so – called, American Dream, of eventually, owning, a home, of their own. Home ownership is not, necessarily, for everyone, because, some, do not have the financial abilities, and reserves, to purchase, something, that might meet their needs, while, others, may not want, to assume the responsibilities, which accompany, owning your own house. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some ways, to evaluate, whether, you should own, or rent a house.

Why It’s Known As REAL Estate?

Since, there are many types of assets, why do we refer to, a specific asset, as REAL estate? Obviously, when we own a house, a piece of land, building, etc, it is real, and it’s part of our estate, but, what is often, referred to, as real property, has specific, individual, value, and is viewed differently, than many other assets. As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in New York State, for over a decade, I consider it, an honor, and privilege, to be able to serve and represent clients and customers, in their quest, to either, buy, or sell, these assets.

Are You Ready For SPRING Cleaning?

For those of us, in the Northeast, it might seem, a little early, to be thinking about SPRING cleaning, but, wise homeowners, always plan ahead, realizing, the best strategy, is, generally, to plan ahead, and be prepared. It was raining when Noah built the Ark, and, the best way, to effectively, maintain and enjoy, your home, is to plan ahead! Although, the best procedure, is to maintain your house, year – around, there are certain specific necessities, involved, after the rigors, etc, of severe winter conditions, etc.

Home Ownership: Know The Useful Life Of Your House’s Components

Owning a home, of your own, may be an essential part of the American Dream, for many, but, ensuring it remains a dream, rather than a nightmare, often requires better focus, and attention! A well – prepared homeowner, is an educated consumer, who prepares, effeciently, and wisely, and knows, as much as possible, in order to proceed with credible, realistic expectations. One of the keys to this, is evaluating various key components of a house, and anticipating their useful lives, so one might plan, and prepare properly.

Is There, A Best Time, To Buy A Home?

As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for well over a decade, I have often been, asked, if, a specific time, is the best time, to purchase a home. Since there are many factors involved, there isn’t a simple, one – size – fits – all, answer/ response, but, in most cases, it’s always, a good time, to buy, the right home, for your needs, Since, for most of us, our house represents our single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to learn, and better understand, as much relevant information, as possible? With…

Home Ownership: Handling Our Single – Biggest, Financial Asset

What is often considered, to be, the single – biggest, individual, financial asset, for most of us, is the value, of our house! Although, this is not, generally, the major reason, for purchasing a home, far too home buyers, take the time, or fully consider, the financial/ economic realities, nor commit, to a step – by – step, process, for protecting and preserving, and, hopefully, maintaining and enhancing, its value. It’s great to seek this major component of the American Dream, but, if one ignores, the financial considerations, dreams may become nightmares.

The Do – It – Yourself, Possibilities, For Home Improvement

Some homeowners have greater building skills, expertise, abilties, and/ or, training than others, so, what one individual, may be able to personally do, another will probably have to hire, someone else, to take care of. Obviously, individuals, who can perform these actions, properly, by themselves, generally, will significantly reduce their costs of maintaining their house. This article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the do – it – yourself (DIY), projects, which those, without special skills, and/ or, expertise, might be able to perform, themselves.

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