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Missouri Treasurer Wants Increased Focus on Affordable Housing

Clint Zweifel, Missouri State Treasurer, is a member of the Missouri Housing Development Commission and has been using his position to challenge the state’s commitment to affordable housing development. At a late-summer meeting, Zweifel called for a dramatic increase in funding dedicated to certain types of affordable housing.

Property For Sale in Cyprus, Why Buy Now?

Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean and is near Turkey, Greece, Syria, and Lebanon. Cyprus has subtropical climates with an average of 340 sunny and warm days a year and is one of the best countries in the world to buy property.

Information About The U Street Corridor in Washington DC

You might be bored of living at the same place for decades and considering relocating. It is very difficult to decide about the area best to live in Washington DC. Washington is a great place to live from Cleveland Park to the Columbian heights and has its own historical background at atmosphere.

All About Interim or Corporate Housing

When we talk of a home, we talk of peace, serenity, and a general feeling of being at home with ourselves and the ones we love. It is a place where we retreat when we are tired from a long day’s work. It is where we let ourselves loose and don’t care about what the world will say. After all, it is our home and it is where we can be ourselves without having to worry about rules or conventions. Here, we are most comfortable or at ease with who we are while enjoying the home amenities that we have worked hard to have.

Mobile Home Living – How to Save and Survive

Everybody knows our economy has changed and income is not what it was few a years back. In addition everybody knows many Americans are out of work. So how do you survive and maintain a decent life style in this new world of ours?

A New Record Set for the Price of Property in France

The average price of property in France has set a new record during the fourth quarter of 2010, with an increase of 8.7% on the year, announced Century 21, one of the world’s largest estate agency networks with 117,000 agents in 68 countries.

I Can’t Find the Freeholder of My Flat and Need to Extend My Lease

If you own a leasehold residential flat in England or Wales you may want to contact your freeholder (referred to as a ‘landlord’ in legal terms) for a whole range of reasons. Maybe you want to extend the period of your lease, maybe you and a group of neighbours want to buy the freehold, maybe you have issues with the management of the development and the freeholder controls the maintenance or possibly you have an issue with the ground rent. In this article, we look at how to track down your freeholder.

What Does ‘Leasehold’ Mean When Talking About a Flat?

There is plenty of confusion among property owners in England and Wales (the law in Scotland is slightly different) about the actual meaning of leasehold when referring to their apartment or flat. You will see flats advertised sometimes as having a “share of freehold” and we deal with this in a separate article.

Why Does Lease Length Matter for Flats and Houses?

If you own a flat or apartment in England or Wales you will likely own it leasehold. The length of the unexpired term of this lease can have a critical affect on the value of a property. It can also be a very important consideration when it comes to buying and selling a residential flat. This article looks at the various issues every lessee should know with regard to lease length.

Are You Interested In Family-Sized Lake Tahoe Properties For Sale?

Since the landscape within the Mill Creek neighborhood is relatively flat, it is quite easy to tear down older homes in order and build more elegant models. As such, the Mill Creek subdivision is a good option for anyone who is looking for houses for sale in Lake Tahoe that can be easily redeveloped.

What Does An Exterminator Do and How Can He Help You?

If you need an exterminator because you have a bug problem like spiders or coach roaches for example, whom do you trust to come into your home to spray? There is a list of questions you should ask when calling around. Here are some tips and facts to think of.

Calgary Houses For Sale – A Short Overview Of The Types Of Homes For Sale In Calgary

If you’re thinking of moving to Calgary or acquiring a property in Calgary, here is a quick overview of the types of houses you’ll find for sale in Calgary. Some of Calgary’s most coveted properties are the estate properties that line the Bow River. These houses, set directly on the river, have been in the city for a long time and are among the Calgary’s most expensive and exclusive real estate.

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