Find the Best Tenants for Your Real Estate

Landlords: Things To Remember When Furnishing Your Property

Many landlords like to offer their homes as furnished to entice tenants with the prospect of moving into a ready-made home. But did you know that there are regulations that must be adhered to with regard to rental furnishings? Your furniture and furnishings must meet fire safety standards in order to conform with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended 1993).

St Louis Real Estate Market – Something for Everyone

The vibrant and dynamic St. Louis real estate market offers something for everyone. St. Louis consistently ranks near the top in several categories including one of the most affordable cities in which to live; one of the best cities not only for young professionals, but also for retirees; and one of the most family friendly communities in the nation.

Home Inspection Cost Determinants

Determining home inspection cost takes into account many different factors, some of which depend on the particular house being inspected and some of which are property-independent. Of course, home inspection cost is subject to market forces as well. This article delves into both independent determinants, those contributing to the subjective assessment of inspector worth, such as report quality and expertise, and dependent ones, such as house age and size. It also looks at client-specific charges that can affect overall fee.

Why Should You Make Gilbert, Arizona Home?

The Town of Gilbert is located in southeast Phoenix Arizona in Maricopa County. The town started as a farming community that built up around the train station. It was mostly an agricultural community throughout its early history and was known as the “Hay Capital of the World in the early 1900’s.

Ladera Ranch, CA Homes For Sale

The decision to buy a new home is based on many factors. The current home is looking drab. The cracks are becoming noticeable.

More Homes Built in 2012?

First off – Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year. The past few years have been challenging for all involved in the Arkansas real estate industry, so here’s hoping things look up for home buyers, home sellers, builders, mortgage bankers, real estate agents and everyone else with a vested interest in market performance.

Washington Waterfront Homes For Sale

When you think of Washington State, most people conjure up visions of Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and the high tech sector that makes Seattle the number one technology hub in the US. To those who call Washington home, this infrastructure affords an opulent lifestyle along side some pristine waterfront.

The Housing Market Effect On The Economy

Every homeowner has surfed the web to get a sense of housing values in the neighborhood. The plunging home prices continue to put a drain on the economy. The lowest mortgage rates in history have not been a big enough bonanza for many prospective home buyers to take advantage of the unparalleled combination of historical rates and attractive home prices.

Minneapolis Housing Market Forecast For 2012

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis released their 2012 economic outlook for Minnesota on December 20th, 2011. In short, Minnesota rules and we can expect moderate economic growth and lower unemployment rates throughout the year. But what does this mean for the housing market, especially in the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro?

County Durham Has Two of the Cheapest Market Towns to Live in the UK

While house prices in County Durham, UK, have seen a 6% fall in the last year, research and figures recently released show that over the last ten years, typical house values in popular market towns across Durham have increased by over 150%. The largest increase in house values was found to be in the pretty market town of Stanhope, in Weardale, County Durham. Back in 2011, the average town house here was worth just over £57,500, according to Lloyds TSB.

The World of Housing in Britain

As long as man has existed so has the need for some where for him to live, but in the 21st Century housing has become much more than a basic shelter. It has also become, amongst other things, an extension of a persons identity, a status symbol, a lifestyle, a form of art, an investment, a multi-billion pound industry, and of course a subject of much debate, research, and study. It can also be the source of a persons’ wealth or deprivation.

Choosing a Reliable Home Inspection Company

Finding a reliable home inspection company can save you a lot of headaches. There are significant consequences if the provider you choose fails to detect structural problems with the property. But finding a reliable home inspector can be a long process if you don’t know where to look.

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