Can I Get The Government to Pay For My Car?

The Tale of Two Estates – Bellfields and Park Barn

Affordability and lack of homes are an ever increasing problem in the South East and especially in towns like Guildford. There are in excess of 2,300 people on the housing waiting list so it is with this thought in mind that this article takes a look at both the Bellfields and Park Barn estates.

Reasons Why Beach Houses Are the Healthiest of Homes in the World

What makes beach houses so popular? Is it clever advertising by the beach house dealers that has made these homes such a massive hit among the audience? Or, is it the joy of returning home after a pleasant stroll along the beach?

Real Estate Law – Legal Issues When You File Property Taxes

Property taxes can be a burden, particularly if your budget is stretched. Furthermore, the amount of property tax that you are required to pay often depends upon the location in which you live, as each local area sets its own rates of property tax.

America’s Most Haunted Vintage Homes

Some of us aren’t too keen on ghost stories or tales of the paranormal, but regardless of what you believe or don’t believe in, there are some classic, supposedly haunted, vintage homes for sale all over the U.S. Here’s a list of the most haunted houses on the market.

India’s Real Estate Scenario In 2015

The real estate sector has been the backbone of the Indian economy and has a key contributor in the economic growth. According to the data, the Real Estate sector contributes 8.53% of the total GDP and also witnessed a growth rate of 30%. It is also important to note that this sector has emerged as the 5th largest destination of foreign investment. According to a study by ICRA (India’s Credit Rating Agency), the realty sector today ranks third among the 14 major sectors of the economy.

The Myths and Truths Regarding the Colombian Real Estate Bubble

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding a supposed real estate bubble in Medellin, Colombia. But fear not! I am here to dispel the myth.

Safety Precautions in the Real Estate Market

Safety always comes first when you are selling your home or buying one. Kid’s safety can sometimes be overlooked when listings are submitted to your MLS. Vigilance counts for your home, kids and yourself.

Real Estate Trends – The Most Popular Home Styles

Year after year, trends change in what the most popular home styles are. In the early 20th century, small homes that looked like little pill boxes dominated many American cities, while mid-century developers used ranch homes predominantly. So what are the current trends in home styles today? Read on to learn more.

The Best Cities For Flipping Houses

When you first make the decision to start flipping houses, one of the key questions on your mind should be where you will conduct your activities. After all, as anybody who has had previous dealings in the property market will be able to deal you, location is extremely important when it comes to buying and selling properties, both in terms of the demand for housing and the prices that you can charge for a property.

Factors That Determines the Rising Demand for Noida Properties

Located in the Delhi NCR, the city of Noida has witnessed a massive boom in terms of its real estate activities. Many industries have cropped up as well, with IT at the forefront and this has driven a lot of people to seek different types of properties in Noida.

Tragad: The Quickest Developing Housing Hub in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is among the quickest developing cities of the world at the moment. As far as infrastructure is concerned, it provides, among the finest options in India.

Creating the Perfect Guest Room

As premier tourist destinations, several towns offer top-class recreational activities all year round. From swimming, boating, fishing and waterskiing in the summer to skating and cross-country skiing in the winter, the serene waters and surrounding rural environment mean there is always something for visitors to do.

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