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What To Consider When Buying Log Cabin Homes

For hundreds of years people have built their homes from wood. Since the industrial revolution more and more people start to build their houses with bricks and concrete because buildings made with concrete and bricks last longer and are more durable. However, with the increased global demand for houses log cabin homes are making a comeback.

5 Reasons Why Your Home Loan Might Get Rejected

Home loan rejections often come as a hard blow to prospective home buyers. Many people apply for home loans without checking their credit standings, and are often faced with disappointment in the form of rejections. In such situations, knowing the reasons behind these rejections can help you successfully avoid them.

How Your Credit Card Usage Can Hamper Your Home Loan Approval

Credit cards have a major influence on your home loan. The kind of influence it has, however, depends on your credit card usage. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how wrong usage of credit cards can cause you to lose out on a home loan. This article takes you through a few examples of credit card usage you must avoid in order to get your home loan approved.

A Complete Granny Flat Guide for Home Owners

Read this granny flat manual before constructing a granny flat on your property. It contains the legal requirements as well as information about granny flat loans. Also, learn how you can save money by generating rental income from granny flats.

Love, Marriage, and Homeownership (Not Necessarily in That Order)

How does homeownership affect your chances of finding the person of your dreams? There are many reasons to buy a house such as: (1) pride of ownership, (2) appreciation, (3) mortgage interest deduction, (4) property tax deduction, (5) access to preferential loans (equity loan), and many others. But, does homeownership also improve your odds of finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with?

8 Tips for Automating Your Home

With the need to make everything smart, home automation is gradually catching up among the masses. However, the technicality involved in installing the many devices and automating an entire house can feel overwhelming. Here are tips to calm your nerves and guide you through the process.

Henson Farms – History and Amenities

Henson Farms is a neighborhood of Rural Charm, close to the city of Greensboro. Located in the hills of beautiful Summerfield, Henson Farms offers residents fine amenities, and beautiful homes.

Air Tightness Test

What is air tightness testing, How is it done and What is required to pass the test. The government requires air pressure tests to be carried out on all new build dwellings before building control can issue a completion certificate. The article discusses part L1A of the approved documents for building regulation in England and Wales and what is required to pass an air tightness test.

An Easy Guide to the Different Types of Homes for You to Buy

Buying a home is a big financial decision. You have to choose the perfect house that fits your requirements. Read this article to learn all about the different types of housing options that are available for home buyers. You can choose a detached dwelling or buy a terraced house. The choice is yours.

Why You Should Search for New Homes in Central Pennsylvania

If you are searching for new homes in Pennsylvania, the central part of the state has much to offer. From a variety of job opportunities to historic attractions, this region has something for everyone.

Home Care Tips for the Rainy Season

Put your mind to rest this rainy season. Here are a few handy tips to get you and your home through the monsoons.

New Towns V Single House Development

We are all for the Government to encourage development in real estate and its eagerness to attract especially foreign investments to the island. The various incentives given so far are in the right direction and the new Minister of the Interior appears to be ready to offer what it takes to start the real estate/building industry revival. The foreign investors’ proposal for a €7 bil. investment at Yeroskipou village so announced by the Archbishop and the numerous relaxations/deviations needed will be a serious test on the Government’s readiness to “give what it takes” and more importantly to reply to the applicants within the next 30 days if their proposal is, in principle, acceptable.

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