6 Ways to Make a 6 Figure Income – With Robert Allen

How Can Wholesaling Properties End Homelessness In the U.S.?

Can wholesaling properties actually help solve homelessness in America? Homelessness is a far bigger issue in America than most realize. Even in the most affluent areas like Southwest Florida many are homeless with young kids going hungry every day.

Preparing Your Home For Season Changes

As the year goes on, the weather progressively runs through its seasonal cycle. Throughout the four seasons, depending on you location, the weather and its elements are continuously changing. These seasonal changes can bring on normal wear and tear to a house.

Small Town Charm in Fairfax California

Considering a move to Fairfax, California? Fairfax is located in Marin County and is approximately 5 miles west of San Rafael, and the Richmond – San Rafael Bridge which leads directly to the Oakland and San Francisco areas. San Francisco is about 25 miles to the south.

Choosing Your Vacation Home

The thought of a vacation is eternal bliss for some. Vacations are a way to escape the stress of daily activities and to explore new horizons. However, in some cases vacations are simply going to a home away from home.

Everything You Need to Know About a Static Caravan: A Description From Top to Bottom

Do you know you Caravans? Don’t worry. Here is everything you would want to know about a caravan from how it is manufactured, to the sizes and dimensions.

Home Real Estate Topic – Streets Named After What Was There Originally

The other day, I went to visit a friend who lives up in a suburban neighborhood in the hills of California. He lives on a street called “Canyon Breeze” and yet, as I was driving, it smelled rather peculiar, it was a combination of hydrogen sulfide, and that burnt smell that you have after you are done with your barbecue. The reason was that there was a fire not long ago in one of the canyons not far from him, and the wind was blowing through from there to his Canyon.

Buy That Mansion on the Hill With a Bungalow on the Beach

The other day, I noted an extremely awesome mansion for sale on the hill in Malibu California, and it had the most magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and coastline, unfortunately it was about half a mile from the beach up a canyon and on a hill crest. The price was quite reasonable I am told, a cool $25 million and yes, it is owned currently by a celebrity that you’ve no doubt heard about and have seen many of the movies. More interestingly were some of the amenities which also came with the house.

Will Economically Enslaved College Students Ever Be Able to Buy a Home?

Do you want to own a home or have a college degree? That might sound like the wrong question to ask, but I assure you it is relevant. Some believe that if you get a college degree you will get a corporate job, and with that job and strong income you can buy a home and start moving up in the world, perhaps have some kids and make a family too.

Rent-To-Buy, Lease Option, and Foreclosure Negotiated Rentals Considered

Since October of 2012 new home sales have climbed drastically, and in some areas easily surpassing 35% appreciation. That’s a rather excellent thing considering what happened in 2008. Homeowners can now ask themselves; “do I really have equity?” Yes they do. Of course the reason new home sales have been running strong but until recently (mid-2013) whereas, used home sales haven’t appreciated all that much.

A Small History of Housing in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Williamsburg Brooklyn is a growing neighborhood and a close knit community. As house prices rise in the area it is interesting to see a history of real estate in Williamsburg.

New Homes Are Just What You Need

Looking to relocate? Your best option may be to look for spaces for new homes. Read on for why this is your best option when changing your housing situation.

2013 Mid-Year Outlook for Residential Real Estate Sector in the USA

Well, it seems that a good many new home buyers are learning the definition of new term they never thought they would here after the 2008 real estate and economic crash here in the US; equity! Anyone who purchased a home for $250,000 or more since October of 2012 has seen probably a $100,000 increase in the value based on current sales figures. Doubt that? Well, why not look at the home prices in your area, go to the Zillow website and check it out, look at your own home; October 2012 to Mid-2013 – see for yourself why don’t you.

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