4 Solutions to Deal With a Bad Tenant

Highlight of Scottsdale Luxury Properties

One of the big draws for people who are looking to purchase Scottsdale luxury homes is the abundance of Scottsdale luxury properties in and around the area. When somebody spends $1 million or more on a new home, they want to know that they’re getting more than just a house, but a trendy neighborhood that has lots of activities, shops and exciting people to offer.

No End in Sight For Falling House Prices in Greece

Rising unemployment and banks’ stiff lending policy is undermining recovery of the Greek property market. Greek house prices continued to fall at an accelerated rate during the first two months of 2010.

Spring Forward and Come Home

Does your home seem increasingly small? Does your neighborhood seem a little cold or unfriendly?

How to Find Real Estate For Sale With a Desktop Property Finder

Are you looking to buy real estate? If so, you are looking for real estate for sale. Whether you are looking to buy a home, apartment complex, or a plot of land, you have a number of search options. You might want to consider using a desktop application that is commonly referred to as a property finder or a real estate finder.

The Origins of the “Denver Square”

The streets of certain older neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado are peppered with sturdy homes, which, if you take away the brick facades and the dormers, resemble nothing more than big square boxes. Known as “Foursquares” in most other parts of the country, houses of this style are called “Denver Squares” in Denver.

Roswell, GA Has High Months of Inventory on Real Estate

According to the MLS of Georgia, from my own personal research on 3/29/10, Roswell, Ga has currently 1526 active home listings (that are not in foreclosure), 78 homes that are in the pending status as of today, and 732 residential homes that have sold in the last year. Average days on market = 116 (almost 4 months). Sales prices average 86.

The Roller Coaster Ride in Selling and Buying a Home

Over the past several months we have been trying to sell our town home and get into a single family dwelling. For a year we had our town home listed and as most of us are aware, it was tough to even get a showing, let alone any offers.

Land Information Memorandums

In Australia in most states it is compulsory for your Conveyancing Practitioner or Settlement Agent to obtain from the Local Council Orders and Requisitions for a property you are purchasing. This information contains a load of valuable information.

The Manchester Scene and What the City Has to Offer

Manchester is the third largest city of the UK, and it is also considered to be one that is one of the most exciting as well as advanced. There are many great things about the city of Manchester that make it one of the most exciting cities in terms of living, nightlife and shopping.

Is a Golf Course Home For You?

In the real estate industry these days, many golf course communities are on the rise throughout the country. The popularity of these wonderful golf course homes encourage home buyers to choose this option. Before you proceed in buying one, it is important to determine what are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of community and see if it is the right one for you and your family.

Long Island Home Prices – Update February 2010

Long Island home prices have declined over the past four years now. It almost doesn’t seem real. Four years is a long time. And I think that it’s starting to finally impact every homeowner out there. We’re all feeling the effects of this unbelievable market. From Montauk into Manhattan, this “downstate”, Long Island real estate market has felt the burst of the bubble. So when is this going to end?!

Prepping Your Next Home Sale With a Fire Pit

Fire pits work great for making a home more inviting. This is especially true when trying to sell a home.

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