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Asbestos and Real Estate – What it Means to You and Your Clients

In the last 10 years, you may have noticed a significant increase in the concern of asbestos and its health effects. Could this potentially be a valid health concern?

Cozumel Real Estate – Appeal to Cruise Visitors and Residents

Cozumel MLS real estate lives up to the reputation that the island has earned among cruise tourists. Just as cruise visitors continue to arrive to the island, those who buy Cozumel real estate will find that the island’s appeal does not wear off.

Boise Idaho Real Estate Report For January 2010!

As with most of the nation, Boise real estate has suffered a dramatic drop in activity and prices in recent years. Many home owners are afraid that factors effecting real estate in the area will no turn around any time soon. There is some good news on the horizon and it is reflected in the real estate numbers for area…

Houston’s Most Sought-After Neighborhoods

Houston boasts plenty of fantastic neighborhoods that blend superb location, excellent Houston real estate and an outstanding quality of life into one, cohesive package. These neighborhoods are highly sought after and, as a result, Houston real estate there is in high demand.

Spotlight On – Fort Worth’s Westside Neighborhoods

Fort Worth is known for many things, and it’s diverse and dynamic neighborhoods are certainly one of them. From its quaint roots, steeped in history, to its urban landscape and rich framework of culture, entertainment and excellent quality of life, Fort Worth is a city built on tradition and poised for excellent growth.

Willing a Market to Recovery

There have been many statistics released this past week on the current conditions of the national real estate market. The South Bay area outside Los Angeles has been doing better than recent national averages in that more homes were sold in December than in the previous month, not far fewer as was the case across the nation. What is striking about this is that many realtors have posted new listings at prices commensurate with the peak of the market back in 2007 at a time when homes have been selling at late 2004 prices.

Principal Payment Reduction on Your Home in California

In 2005 the refinance boom swept the nation. Artificially inflating home prices… and allowing those to get home loans that otherwise should not gotten them. This inspired by Wall street greed and politically based in adequate checks and balance system. How does this affect you?

Liberty Lake Appraiser – Case Study on Primary Lake Frontage

My assignment was to appraise an older home that is located next to the lake with primary lake frontage. The home has been updated over the years and offers more square footage than many of the other homes in the area. The comparable sales were difficult to locate, as the home offered nonconforming square footage and nonconforming age.

Understanding the Difference Between House Evaluations and Home Value

Perhaps people use the terms house evaluation and home value interchangeable, but there is a difference between them. Appraisals or valuations in the United States are done according to the Uniform Standards of Appraisal and Practice or USPAP. What is actually sought through an appraisal is to establish the market value of a property. Market value is what a particular appraiser establishes, and price is what a particular buyer is willing to pay for the home.

Big Bear Homes in a Winter Wonderland

This year Big Bear Lake, CA had an epic snow storm. Most of Southern California experienced flash flooding that damaged many buildings in the coastal cities. But we were absolutely buried in frosty precipitation.

Manhattan Beach Strand Home Sales

It has been some time since I sold my home on the Manhattan Beach strand, but the memories from this fantastic experience carry on brilliantly. There are probably 270 or so strand homes here and over the past ten years, at least 45 of them have had a change in ownership.

Who Lives in Waterfront Homes?

Who lives in waterfront property homes? People of discerning taste who admire a serene lifestyle, perhaps much like yourself. People who’re needing to leave behind the frantic pace of much of the modern world, and those who simply hope to be near the soothing aura that living in a waterfront home offers each day.

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