Why I Didn’t Pay Taxes My First 7 Years of Doing Real Estate

North Atlanta Luxury Home Communities Part 3

There are a lot of great areas to explore in North Atlanta if you are a potential home buyer. The area is native to many famous landmarks and communities like Lake Lanier and the Chateau Elan. Lake Lanier alone is a destination to millions of visitors each year.

North Atlanta Luxury Home Communities Part 2

Are you still searching for a place to call home? If you have the general area narrowed down, then you can start sifting through the different cities and neighborhoods. Some people base where they want to live on the schools in the area while others are craving a piece of land that is all about the scenery.

What to Consider In Traditional Property Development and Urban Regeneration

There are many things to consider when embarking in traditional property development. There is a fine balance between implementing what you consider the best plans for an area and keeping up traditional themes that an area has. By taking into account the area’s history and traditions you can have a very successful outcome to any property development project.

Fundamental Elements of New Luxury Homes

Buying new homes for sale is always a big step. It is important to know as much as you can before getting started on the process, especially if you are planning to buy a luxury home.

Homes Under the Cosh

Thanks to the Bank of England’s ill-considered decision to slash interest rates to 0.5% three years ago, overexposed borrowers have been granted an extended and overly-generous stay of execution. However, last week, there were some ominous rumblings in the financial firmament and the first few storm clouds began to reappear over the UK housing market.

NewBuy Mortgage Scheme Impact

The NewBuy mortgage guarantee scheme was launched in the on 12 March 2012 for new homes in England. Will it have a positive impact on the economy, housebuilders, homebuyers and lenders?

Community Living In Jamaica

What exactly does that title mean – ‘community living’? In Jamaica today, community living is just another catch phrase for being resident within a ‘gated community’. Gated communities are thriving, not only in Kingston but throughout the island and are surely today’s prime real estate in Jamaica.

Should You Buy Or Rent A Home?

Every family dreams of having their own home to live in comfortably and peacefully. However, the truth is that not every family can make their dream come true. Due to various circumstances such as unemployment or no steady job and financial difficulty, not all can afford to buy a home they like to own.

Facebook Uncovers Housing Shortage

Facebook has become the quintessential social media site for everyone from pre-teens to grandmas. Everyone who’s anyone hangs out there. The website’s continued popularity is leading it to expand its staff and look for a new corporate headquarters, and though it has a city in mind for its next expansion, the city may not have room.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Modular Homes

If you think modular homes are boring, cookie-cutter homes, think again! This article should dispel some common-held misconceptions about modular homes by comparing some of the distinct differences from manufactured housing.

The Merits and Demerits of Under-Pricing a Home on the Market

Just as there are realtors available to help a buyer acquire a home, real estate agents help to sell a home too. A real estate agent can help you find potential buyers who want to purchase a home that is similar to yours that you want to sell.

Make Your Home Healthy With 4 Simple Actions

Are you feeling tired, low energy, short of breath and achy? Be wary, you could have sick building syndrome. Your problems could be related to the air quality of your home. One of the most dangerous things we do is live and breathe in our modern homes.

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