Why Governments Are Making It Harder For You To Buy a House!

Historic Home Tours – Relevant to Remodelers in 4 Ways

There is no question that historic home tours serve history and architecture buffs. But what about remodeling contractors? How are these tours relevant to a builder that repurposes homes to the needs of today’s home dwellers?

Manufactured Log Homes – Homework

This article gives some useful tips about manufactured log homes. What you should to do before asking information about log home prices or designs?

Wildwood Homes – Beach Properties

Have you ever thought of purchasing a home in North Wildwood, New Jersey but you have not decided on it yet? If you haven’t, act now and do not let others take that house near the Jersey shore. Comparisons about the rates have been done and this year is the lowest by far in its history. World economy has been so unstable lately that it greatly affects the monetary value of houses and properties.

Vastushatra & Real Estate

To really understand Vastushastra, we have to put God, the Almighty in the closet first. Then we can get on with the scientific aspects. It is summer not because God likes to see people wearing sunglasses; it is winter because God wants to promote woolens.

Home Renovations to Increase Its Sale Value

Its recession time everywhere, including the real estate market! Everywhere people are looking for ideas to increase the sale- ability of their homes. One such idea is home renovations. This is especially important if the property is located at a prime location or has a historical significance attached to it.

Why Choose a Mexican Retirement Community?

These days, retirees are looking for something more than just an inexpensive lifestyle, with the necessary services easily available, with a good choice of activities; while these points are definitely important, retirees are also looking for a group of people that they can connect with to enjoy this retirement lifestyle. Features of Mexican retirement communities, especially one new development in Playa del Carmen, La Escondida, provide an excellent combination of these key points, with a special emphasis on the community of people. You may wonder, “How does a retirement community in Mexico offer one of the…

Playa Del Carmen Real Estate – A Community Lifestyle

Buying Playa del Carmen real estate is much more than just buying a property. While the very high-quality of the construction and design are a large part of what makes life on the beach pleasant and relaxing, a part just as important is the community atmosphere offered by many locations throughout Playa del Carmen and the surrounding Riviera Maya. A classic example is a community named Puerto Aventuras, about 20 minutes south of central Playa del Carmen.

Accessory Dwelling Units in Portland Promise “Smart Growth”

New changes by the City of Portland just put an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) within reach of most homeowners. ADUs, also called “granny flats” or “backyard cottages”, are separate, compact spaces – complete with bed, bath, kitchen, and entry – that provide a second dwelling on residential property. Portland policy changes have opened a key window of opportunity for ADUs in this “green city” that local home builders say brings the promise of a new spurt of “smart growth” just when the city’s economy needs it the most.

Increasing Connectivity of Greater Noida

Development of new connectivity can add immense value to an area. It not only provides opportunity to the developers to do more business but it also provides new options to end users. Best of all, it helps in containing the price rise of real estate projects in the main districts of a town.

Licensees Take Real Estate Courses Online

Arizona real estate licensees and appraisers are required to complete a certain number of real estate continuing education credit hours to maintain their license in good standing. This may be done in a variety of ways. One method is through online classes.

How Homes Are Like Black Shoes

Recently when leading a training session on working with Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers, the question arose: What makes one property more valuable than another? I used the analogy of ladies black shoes and actually brought 3 pairs of them to illustrate. One pair of the shoes was purchased at a discount store for $13, another pair at a local department store and cost about $100 and another at a boutique designer specialty shop where I spent $300.

Basement Flooding – How To Prevent It And What To Do When It Happens

In Canada basement flooding is a more common occurrence than people think. The number of flooding accidents that are actually reported is in the range of 30,000 to 40,000 per year with many cases not reported.

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