Why Aren’t You Investing in Real Estate?

How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?

Unfortunately there is no accurate way to determine what your specific home is really worth without standing in front of it with a professional realtor and assessing the property both inside and out. However, there are ways of determining the current value of your property, the value of your property based on those around it, what you can realistically expect to sell your home for, and the improvements you can make on your house to potentially up the sales price in the meantime.

“You’re The Top”: High-End Luxury Design

With the luxury marketplace doing better than ever, high-end luxury design and real estate is flourishing. Apartments at the top, that is, luxe type custom residences, are finding buyers who consider now a very good time to invest. It may not be the “Coliseum,” but the size of many of these homes come close. And, the price is right. A bit more room for price negotiation, an available international buyer, and accessible quality tradesmen, all make this a very amenable time to buy, renovate, design, and decorate.

5 Smart Tips For Choosing A House And Land Package

House and land packages are becoming increasingly popular among Perth homeowners who not only want to own their homes, but also the lots underneath them. Use these 5 tips to purchase a package that suits your lifestyle.

The Costs That Come With Home Ownership

For many people owning their own home is a dream come true, and this is even more true with newly married couples. But just like the cost of buying and selling a home there are some cost that come with owning your own house. Everyone knows about the mortgage payment bu what other cost might you incur if you move out of an apartment complex and into a house?

Emergency Egress Window Requirements for Bedrooms

This may come as a surprise to many people, or a relief to those looking to add a bedroom in the basement, but contrary to the National Building Code and popular brief, a bedroom in Ontario does not require an egress window in the actual bedroom! As long as there is an egress window or door to the exterior somewhere on the level, the requirements for egress have been met. However, there are still light and ventilation requirements for each bedroom that must be met, but that is another topic.

Useful Tips On How To Sell A Property Fast

There are many ways of marketing a property. If you are the one who will market it, all it takes is an effective strategical approach but if you would opt to rely on professional help then go for those real estate brokers from reputable companies to do a job well done for you.

Manufactured Housing Is a Great Option for Senior Living

If you are a senior living on your own or a senior couple looking to downsize and simplify your life, manufactured housing may be the answer you are looking for. Manufactured housing offers a compact and efficient space that requires less time and effort to keep up. The affordability of such a home fits very easily into most seniors limited income budgets.

Senior Living Can Be Joyful in a Mobile Home Community

By the time most seniors are ready to retire, many of their friends have either past or moved away to be closer to their own families. Your home may feel too big and empty, and caring for a garden and keeping up with the yard work may seem overwhelming. You may have much more space than you need for the rare occasions that people now come to stay with you.

Senior Living in a Mobile Home

You’ve raised your family and retired from your job – it’s time to relax and enjoy life. Now you can think about taking up golf, or traveling to some of your favorite places. You may also be thinking about selling your large family home, either because you need to use some of the equity to supplement your monthly expenses, or to downsize so you don’t have to spend all your new-found free time doing yard work and maintenance on a large property. Many seniors are finding that senior living is simpler in a mobile, or manufactured home.

Can a Senior Living on Their Own Do Well in a Mobile Home Park?

When you get older, things start to change in your life. You may be experiencing health issues and challenges. Your children may have moved away from home and you may even have lost your dear spouse with whom you spent a great deal of your life. Now your large family home feels like too much for you to handle on your own.

Choosing a Small Mobile Home for Sale

Do you want to stay in the area you are living in but would like to find small mobile homes for sale? In your search for the right single wide mobile home, there are many factors to take into consideration: cost, condition, and where it is located are all important factors in finding the right home for you and your household.

How to Spruce Up a Mobile Home

If you have been thinking about buying a home for your family, you will be very aware that the cost of buying a traditional stick-built home can be prohibitive. Home prices have soared, making it more difficult to take the plunge into homeownership. But what about a mobile home, also known as a manufactured home? The cost of owning one of these homes can be as little as half what it would cost to buy a traditional home, yet you still can enjoy many of the same features and floor plans. The best deal would be to buy a pre-owned mobile home, although it may require some repairs or renovation to bring it up to your standards. How does one go about sprucing up a mobile home? Let’s take a look at a few projects that can make a big difference.

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