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Are You Prepared For Your Monthly Housing Costs? 5 Keys

The American dream, is often considered, owning a home, of one’s old. When one determines, he is ready, financially and emotionally, for home – ownership, there are a number of steps, needed, including saving for the downpayment, maintaining pristine credit, and affording the monthly payments. However, even when someone is ready and prepared for these responsibilities, it is important, to understand, and properly plan, for some of the many monthly commitments and expenditures, which will also be required.

Why Homeowners Should Do Preventive Maintenance: 5 Basic Reasons

The excitement over buying a home of your own, is normal, and understandable. For most people, the value of their house, represents their single, largest, financial asset, so, wouldn’t it make sense, to do all you can, to protect your investment? Like any other holding, doing so, takes proceeding with a quality strategy, to handle the necessities of home ownership, preserve the integrity of your home and property, and do so, in a way, which, both makes sense, and is affordable!

The Most Influential Factors to Home Value

The past years have seen changing landscape in the real estate industry in terms of the factors influencing home values. There are factors that pull up prices while there are those which seem to drag prices down. Despite the changes, there are still factors that seem to have been talked over and over, yet they stay to be factual to these days.

Tidbits of Kolkata Properties

Kolkata, the erstwhile capital of British India is the most important city of eastern India now. It is one of the most populous metros in the country and is the nerve centre of all economic and commercial activities in east India.

Why Do You Need To Buy A Small Home With Land?

Who would like to own a small home but in today’s time, getting a home for yourself, let alone a relatively large home, is a blessing itself. Moreover, given the business of the urban life, it would be nothing less than a hassle to own a large home and then take care of it. Having a small land with your house is something anyone would look forward to.

6 Home Winterizing Considerations

Once we’ve past Labor Day, although summer is not even finished, it is time, to consider and address the needs, concerns and approaches, for best taking care of your house, and making certain, the severities of winter, have as little negative impact, as possible! Having grown up, in my parent’s house (both their year – around one, as well as the one, they considered their summer home), and having been a homeowner, for over 30 years, I have learned, and discovered, how proper home maintenance, and winterizing, saves lots of heartache, and increased costs. With this in mind, this article…

5 Easy, Basic Energy Efficiencies For Your House

When most individuals make the decision to purchase a home, of their own, they realize and understand some of the responsibilities, involved, but few realize all of the relevant ones. They usually plan for the necessary down – payments, and monthly payments, including mortgage principal and interest, escrow payments (including taxes and insurance), etc. However, these are usually only some of the considerations, and many relevant ones are lost in the shuffle and excitement of home ownership.

Renting Versus Home Ownership: Which Is Best For You?

Those looking for a place to live, must proactively, clearly, and consistently, seek to identify and understand, their options, and choose the one, for them! In most cases, this often comes down, to a choice between purchasing a house of one’s own, as opposed to, deciding to rent. There is no such thing as a right or wrong answer, because the decision must be a personal one, which considers several factors, including finance, personal comfort zone, possible pride – of – ownership, strategies, needs, and anticipated length of time, one expects to live somewhere.

Transforming Your House Into Your HOME

Potential home buyers, often undergo, a process, commonly referred to, as house – hunting! As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over a decade, one of the key differences, between the buyers and sellers, is buyers look at houses, while sellers are generally proud of their homes. Because of this, it often becomes challenging, for a seller to realistically consider the value of the home, they live in, because it represents many life – cycle experiences, etc.

Why Homeowners Need To Know Their NEEDS

There is no, one – way, to identify, what someone is seeking, in becoming a homeowner. In some cases, it meets a family or job – related need, while, at other times, there are a variety of other reasons. While there are no right or wrong reasons/ reasoning, nevertheless, it is extremely relevant and necessary, to clearly identify, and understand, what you are seeking, and why, you want to own a home, of your own!

Your Home: What Should You Pay MONTHLY?

When someone makes the decision, it’s time to purchase their home, whether for the first time, or to relocate, etc, many things should be considered and/ or evaluated! Most people look primarily at the price, mortgage rate, taxes, etc, but, all too often, fail to pay enough attention, to whether, the monthly costs, expenses, etc, will be comfortable, workable, or are the best way, for you to proceed. With this in mind, this article will briefly examine, using the mnemonic approach, the significance of your MONTHLY expenses and other considerations, in regard to your home.

Which Room Is Most Important? It Depends On Needs And Wants

There’s an adage, there’s an individual, for every house, and while it’s probably, true, it generally depends on someone’s needs, and priorities/ wants, as well as their finances, and abilities! As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, in the State of New York, for over a decade, I have been asked, on several occasions, which room, in a house, is the most important one. While there is no tried – and – proven, answer, it often depends on the context, and whether, it’s for one’s personal enjoyment, or related to resale value.

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