Which is Better: Leverage or Ownership?

Look At A House’s BONES

As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over a decade, we often discuss, what we consider, the BONES of a particular house. Prospective homeowners would be served, well, if they considered these factors thoroughly and carefully, because, these are items, which should be prioritized, and focused upon, and considered, before purchasing, what, for most, is their single, biggest, financial asset! A house’s bones, include, how well – built, it may be, after considering a number of relevant, structural factors and issues, and, unless, one feels comfortable, regarding these, should be deal – breakers.

Home Renovations And Repairs – The ROI: 6 Details

Owning a home, is often a complex commitment, and when we decide to make certain improvements, renovations, and/ or repairs, it’s important, for us, to focus on why we’re doing so, our purposes and priorities, needs, and concerns, as well as understanding, which ones might provide the best bang – for – the – buck, or Return on Investment, known as R.O.I.

How Tax Reform Will Effect Real Estate: 5 Examples

While there are winners, losers, and others, when it comes to the recently passed, tax reform legislation, this article will review, some of the effects and potential ramifications, as they specifically related, to real estate. Even within this topic, commercial properties, rental properties, and real estate management companies, appear to, potentially be significant beneficiaries, while, some homeowners, will discover, either little impact, or a negative one! This article, will attempt to, briefly review and examine, 5 examples, and consider the overall impacts, etc.

The Guardians of Your Galaxy

Your house can be as great of an asset to you in retirement as it was when you raised your family. Don’t flee from your house when you retire; change it to become the galaxy from which you will roam.

The Return On Home Alterations/Projects: 5 Examples

Homeowners must make many relevant, essential decisions, regarding, which projects, to prioritize, and pursue, and which, to put, on the proverbial, back – burner! It’s important to determine one’s reasons, and/ or purpose, in pursuing any project. Is it, to make a much – needed, improvement, to better serve needs, etc, or, doing so, with the intention, of raising the value of a home?

Do You Care About Your Home’s CHARM?

Nearly every homeowner, attempts to personalize his home, in such a way, which makes him enhance his personal enjoyment, and demonstrate, his preferences, prioritizes, and specific attention to certain details/ aspects. Obviously, some do so, more effectively, efficiently, and in a more attractive manner, than others, but, it’s important to recognize, and realize, A man’s home is his castle, and he must, in certain ways, customize, and treat it, accordingly. With this in mind, this article will briefly discuss and examine, using the mnemonic approach, what it means to care about your home’s CHARM, and some steps, along the way.

Maintaining Your Home’s Appearance: 4 Basic Steps

Since, for most people, their home, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to do, all one might possibly be able, to maintain, preserve and protect, one’s investment? While you would never ignore the stocks, you own, and would pay attention, to relevant factors and details, for some reason, many do not do so, when it comes to their house and property! With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review and examine, a few of the basic, simple, relatively inexpensive steps, one should take, in order to properly maintain, and protect, the appearance,…

What Do You Want From Your HOUSE?

One of the greatest obstacles, and challenges, for those, seeking and hoping, to purchase a home, of their own, is to determine, what, they, personally, want, from their HOUSE. While this may seem, somewhat simplistic, it is generally not, because there are many variables, and the ideal home, for one, may be, far from that, for others! As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in New York State, for over a decade, I have witnessed this often, and have come to the conclusion, it’s essential for the home buyer, and his chosen agent, to have an in – depth discussion, to best identify,…

How to Deal With B2B Log Cabins

Are you a newbie to the business of log cabins? Are you in need of a reliable supplier of woods for your constructions? Then here we are endorsing you all the aspects you need to focus on while involving in a B2B log cabins deal.

How to Choose a Log Cabin Company

Building a contemporary log house always need professional support and guidance to ensure the quality of the construction. For such professional guidance, many prefer to contact the log cabin companies in their locality and are the lone, best option to build the house of your choice. However, before walking into a company for inquiry it is better to equip with as much information as possible to ensure perfection in the deal.

Tips on Choosing Log Cabin Retailers

Many people who wish to build a log cabin are puzzled with several mind-boggling queries and are unable to find the right log cabin retailer who is able to deliver the unstated. For such people who are looking out for the retailer and for people who have no clue on what to ask for when you meet the retailer, here we are enlisting few tips which would assist in your talks with the retailer. Check out his exhibits – If the retailer exhibits his earlier works at any occasion, do sign up for such event.

Revamp With Online Log Cabins

Unlike the normal concrete fitness center and summer houses, a log cabin is a brand new sophisticated version that not only changes the look of your space but also revitalizes your energies. Constructing a wellness or fitness center with logs is a new and most popular way of renovating your space that brings in peace and energy to participants. Log cabin constructions are very famous in the western part of the world and are crawling to the other parts slowly.

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