The Truth About Crowdfunding, Title III and Fundrise

A Beach Villa of Your Very Own

Are you one of those people who live for warm balmy climates with great views of the Mediterranean? If you are, then you might want to consider buying a villa in one the greatest locations in the world. That is right; you can reside in a place in Cyprus and enjoy great weather and views the whole year round. Or, why not take it a step higher and buy a luxury villa that makes everyday seem like a vacation?

Choose Costa Rica Real Estate and Boost Your Investment

Costa Rica is known to tourists for its wonderful sceneries, culture and people. A number of people visit it every year, which continues to grow in time. But Costa Rica is more than just a tourist spot; it is also a good investment location.

Glen Williams, Ontario – The Jewel in Halton’s Crown

Arriving in Halton’s Glen Williams is like taking a small step back in time. Nestled just north of Georgetown on Mountainview Avenue, “the Glen” hamlet is an eclectic collection of narrow streets and lanes lined with trees and unique homes abutting the credit river.

Future House Prices

The outlook for house prices continues to be a hot topic here in the UK. So what is the future of house prices?

Mobile Home Prices – Make The Best Deal On A Mobile Home

Mobile home prices, including prices for both new and used units, vary considerably in different parts of the USA and Canada. Prices are based on the type of home you are looking for, the location of the dealership and the price competition in the area. In the case of used units it will depend on the popularity of the particular model and its age and condition. You can get a price quote for most mobile homes from a price guide manual.

Crowsnest Challenger Modular Home by Conquest Manufacturing Ltd

This is a green modular prefab house, produced by Conquest Manufacturing Ltd., used as cottage on a serene hillside site in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. The location has very beautiful view of the mountain and the historic Frank Slide.

Finding A Portable Building

There are many types of portable buildings and you can find them on sale. Most of the dwellings that can be transported are usually placed behind a person’s residence. They use this type of dwelling for storing supplies and equipment.

A Home Where Your Heart Stays

‘Home is where the heart is.’ Nothing beats this saying more than finding that perfect surrounding where you can build a house that you can truly call home. Read about one such place in the following article.

Stair Lifts Vs Home Elevators

Stair lifts are generally associated with places where there are aged and infirm inhabitants. Home elevators on the other hand are accompanied by an enclosed cab that is designed to serve a variety of purposes. Earlier, home elevators used to be exclusive features of luxurious residences but with decreasing costs and increasing and pressing needs, they have gone on to become a bare necessity from being an indulgence. This article deals with a comparison between the merits and demerits of stair lifts and home elevators.

All About Elevators

Having taken the world by storm when they were first introduced, elevators have come a long way from being novelties to being bare necessities. Imagining life in this world without elevators is an improbability in modern times. Big cities would not have been what they are without elevators. They can be found everywhere — taking workers up to their offices in high rise buildings through several floors and also deep into the ground to subway stations. Another extremely common location to find elevators is residential buildings. With residential elevators becoming cheaper and cheaper with each passing day and people seeking to add convenience to their lives in larger numbers, residential elevators are now an intrinsic part of every home’s decor. Home owners nowadays seek to add elevators to their dwelling places not only for convenience but also for the increased resale value of the property.

Why Would A Seller Bring Money To The Closing?

Usually a seller comes away from a closing on the sale of his property with net proceeds in the form of a cashier’s check, a closing agent’s check or funds wired into his bank account. What would be the circumstances where a seller would have to bring money to closing instead?

Why Did This Successful Real Estate Rehabber Suddenly Stop?

Continuous buyers of real estate, or so called “whales”, invest with seemingly endless supplies of money. Generally, they buy properties to rehab and sell to retail buyers, rehab and rent them or just wholesale them to other investors. I categorize a whale buyer as anyone who consistently purchases 2 to 10 properties a month.

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