How To Write a Perfect Business Plan

The Effects of Credit on Real Estate #11 – The Time to Sell and the Time to Rent Out

When you own a home, you have some tough choices to make, especially during these hard economic times. To try and sell your house is a foolish idea. The market is flooded with foreclosures, and no one can seem to get fair market value for their property.

Don’t Let Amateurs Ruin Your Dream Home

Going ahead with a home improvement project involves a great deal of commitment, both in terms of time and effort and also financially. Whether you’re looking to fit a new set of doors and windows to your property, or you plan to build a conservatory or sunroom, one of the most important things to get right is the decision over which company will carry out the work.

Mexico Real Estate’s Cruise Lovers’ Haven – Cozumel

For cruise lovers, what could be better than living in one of the cruise capitals of the world? Mexico real estate, especially on the island of Cozumel – Mexico’s leading cruise center – provides many opportunities for vacation homes or permanent re-location.

Playa Del Carmen Homes – Excellent Urban Image Defines Lifestyle

If you are planning on buying a Playa del Carmen Home, one of the key advantages in this beautiful beachfront city is the atmosphere which adds so much to the lifestyle here. In fact, this is true no matter what kind of Playa del Carmen Property you are buying, whether it is luxury home, a beachfront condo, or a parcel land to build and invest.

How to Raise the Value of Your Home Using Affordable Methods

Simple tips to help raise the value of your home. Improve the value of your home using simple and affordable, practical ways in this article.

Highlights of Living in Upscale Scottsdale, Arizona

What makes living in Scottsdale Arizona a wonderful experience? Read this article to find out all about upscale Scottsdale, Arizona.

Top 10 Amazing Dream Houses Made a Reality

Everyone has dreamed of living in a truly spectacular house in some point or another. We usually let our imaginations run wild and think of other impossibilities: A house on a cliff plateau overlooking a mountain range; a home in the shape of a fruit; or a house floating on the sea.

Green Apartment Living Can Help Soothe Your Soul

For many years, apartment living meant having to choose less land while having to tolerate other things already in place that may not be as environmentally conscious as you would like. For those looking to live a more environmentally friendly way, green apartment living just may be the thing for you.

Types of Homes Available

This article will discuss the changes Americans are making as far as their living arrangements as well as the types of homes they are moving into in order to downsize. The economy has had a great impact on the way people now live and this will discuss that.

Cape Town Property Prices on the Increase

After taking a steep dip in 2009, house prices in Cape Town are slowly on the increase, statistics from Absa Home Loans show. While house prices declined in all provinces, metropolitan areas and coastal regions in real terms in 2009, the Western Cape experienced one of the sharpest declines with a 7.6% decrease in real terms during the year, according to Absa’s latest statistics.

Preparing For a Home Appraisal

Many Homeowners have a question in their minds on how do they prepare for a real estate appraisal on their property. The appraisal in many cases is the most import part of the buying and selling process which allows the transaction between buyer, seller, real estate agent and mortgage lender or bank to go smoothly.

Living in Tigard, Oregon

Tigard, Oregon is a friendly, small-town community located just minutes southwest of Portland in Washington County. Incorporated in 1961, Tigard retains an old-town atmosphere while offering residents all the amenities of a modern city.

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