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What Hilton Head MLS Searches Might Not Tell You

Performing Hilton Head MLS searches is a great way to become familiar with the properties on the island, but there are certain things about the properties that MLS listings do not address; things that only HHI Real Estate Brokers have specific information about. Listed below are five things that an MLS listing alone may not reveal about a property, or the area where it is located. Amount of tourism Hilton Head is known for offering privacy and seclusion; it is also known for recreational opportunities that draw tourists, especially in the summer months…

Hilton Head Island Property Search: Tips for Choosing the Right Community

When performing a Hilton Head Island property search, the area offers several types of properties. Depending upon personal preferences, some areas are ideal while some are not. When conducting the search, the following questions will help determine which property is right.

Hilton Head Communities: Which Community Is Right for You?

Hilton Head Island is a pristine area located just off of the Georgia coast. Revered for its rich history and excellent weather, the island is a great place for those who enjoy areas that have great historical character, feature endless recreational opportunities, or both. The flavor of Hilton Head communities ranges from touristy to private to luxurious.

Home Inspection – Annoying for Some, Necessary for Everyone

Performing a home inspection on your own house is generally seen as tedious and downright annoying by most people who have ever had to do that at least once. It is very important if you want to ensure that you are living in good conditions and there are not any risks hiding between your walls, out of sight for you and your family. It’s well worth the price in most cases, even if they don’t end up finding anything problematic – but you should still try to get a good deal on this because you’ll likely be paying a significant…

Coral Gables Homes: The City Beautiful, Mediterranean Themes, And Median Sales Price Values

Coral Gables homes are the perfect real estate option for property buyers who wish to become a part of one of the richest communities within Miami today. Aside from the fact that these real estate options hold such high quality and value, being located in a truly superb part of the region can definitely prove to be one of the best reasons to buy these homes from the property market. The City Beautiful Coral Gables is a city that has earned its reputation for being one of the most beautiful…

Star Island Waterfront Homes: An Island Community With Exclusive Living and Waterfront Features

Star Island waterfront homes are one of the most preferred real estate options within Miami today. Such amazing quality and value has proven to be perfect for high-class individuals from all over the world which is why people who seek the highest luxury options that the property market has to offer will definitely be on the right track with these home options. Island Community Miami has always been recognized as the idyllic tropical paradise setting which has many exceptional communities to offer which include island communities such as Star Island…

Army Housing – Factors That May Affect Your Decision

As an Army Spouse, you and your family can decide to live on or off post. Learn some of the factors that may affect your decision and choice.

Two Amazing Island Communities That Showcase the Most Illustrious Miami Beach Luxury Homes

Wealthy property buyers often come to South Florida in order to purchase the most illustrious Miami Beach luxury homes possible. Of course, in order to do so, one must first figure out which communities to look out for and today we are going to provide a useful guide on the two amazing island communities that showcase these types of real estate options. Indian Creek If you are looking for an island community that is guaranteed to provide you with the most fabulous real estate options, Indian Creek should definitely be…

Three Features That Can Help You Determine Whether Fisher Island Homes Are Right For You

When it comes to buying real estate, it is important to determine whether or not your selection of options is going to live up to your personal needs and expectations. One of the most exceptional real estate options that are currently being offered within the Miami region are Fisher Island homes. Today, you can find out whether these homes are the right option for you based on the features that you can expect from these truly outstanding real estate options.

Key Biscayne Residences: Island Location, Upscale Living, and Price Range

Key Biscayne residences are among the finest real estate options that are currently available to property buyers who are looking for the opportunity to experience the sensational way of life that is being offered within the Miami region today. If you would like to purchase real estate within one of the most amazing communities in Miami, you should look no further than Key Biscayne where luxurious homes and condos await. Island Location The community of Key Biscayne can be found on an island location right beneath Miami Beach.

Fort Lauderdale Homes: City Information and the Three Options for Waterfront Homes in the City

Many of today’s most affluent property buyers look for waterfront homes on today’s property market. More often than not, they end up finding Fort Lauderdale homes to be fitting for their personal needs. If you are one of the many property buyers whose preferences includes having a waterfront location, you may want to learn more about your available options within the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale.

Birthplace of Harry Potter or De Vere House, Suffolk?

The medieval and picturesque village of Lavenham is home to one of the most distinctive Tudor houses in Britain. De Vere House also known as Oxford Cottage appears in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 as the setting for Godrics Hollw, the birthplace of Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore. I was privileged to be the conveyancing solicitor for this property some 25 years ago when a good friend purchased part of the current property. The history of the property makes fascinating reading, even aside from the fact that the property has been extensively filmed for the Harry Potter movie when parts of the front and the back of the house were filmed. The film was then put together like a jigsaw, cutting and pasting the shots to form the streets of Godrics Hollow.

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