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Buy, Rent or Build: The Perils of Homeownership

For many people, moving into a first place is more about the acquired freedom than it is about the structure. Whether it’s a rented room in another’s home, a one-room efficiency or an actual apartment, the stereotypical first place is just that – the first of what may become many. Although, in times of economic instability, the type of home we want may be eclipsed by the type of home we can afford.

Five Ways to Help You Find Land Value

One of the main questions that homeowners want to know is how they can find the value of their land. Below, you’ll find five ways to help you.

Do Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs Add Value To A Home In A Real Estate Transaction?

We all know that the Green movement is in full swing. We’re aware that things are changing, that things are moving in a direction where energy efficiency and environmentally friendly products are becoming more normal than the exception. But, what about the real or perceived value of new energy efficient LED light bulbs installed in a home being bought or sold during e real estate transaction?

Home Builders Breathe New Life Into Townhomes for Young Homebuyers

A townhome is a smart investment for a young professional because of its many benefits such as affordability, security, and convenience. Today’s home builders have engineered creative set-ups for the modern townhome to offer buyers better spaces and attractive facades to call home.

Finding Your Very First House Can Be a Very Exciting

It sounds very easy to go and look at apartments, discover one you like and compensate the rent. Searching and finding a house or accommodation can be entertaining and thrilling but you have to be very careful before handing over your currency.

New Luxury Homes for Sale – Steps to Acquiring Your Dream Home

Many new luxury home builders now offer spacious, custom-built single-family homes. Learn the basic steps of buying your own luxury house and begin your hunt for the home you have always dreamed about.

Great Neighborhoods for New Homes in PA

When buying or building new homes in PA, it’s important to choose a good neighborhood. A great community can help you rest easy knowing that your family is safe and sound because of the presence of nearby public services, such as hospitals and firehouses, and friendly neighbors who are always ready to lend a hand.

The Real Estate Market Is Officially Hot!

The first quarter of the year historically is the hot market time and the same is holding true for 2012. The good news is that this market keeps the overall market stable, which is good for the majority, especially the homeowners that need value stability for their investment and the place they call home.

Find Luxury Golf Communities Online

Finding a new home is not an easy decision, but you always know when you have found “the one”. Finding “the one” doesn’t always happen overnight and can mean a lot of research and go sees before you find something that really matches exactly what you are looking for. Because when you are buying a luxury home and potentially dropping seven figures on it, you have to be 100% confident in your purchase.

Luxury Lake Lanier Communities

Lake Lanier is not only a place to take vacation or rent a boat, it can be a place to call home. Residents of the area enjoy the scenery of the 38,000 acre lake and the rich surrounding greenery. With plenty to do in the area for entertainment and plenty of relaxing scenery to absorb, it is no wonder why this has become a great place to buy a home.

North Atlanta Luxury Home Communities Part 1

Georgia is such a grand state drenched in luscious greens and rolling hills. Seriously, for decades now areas like North Atlanta have been blossoming in both beauty and luxury home communities. It is becoming an increasingly popular destination for homeowners and businessmen alike.

North Atlanta Luxury Home Communities Part 4

North Atlanta is home to some of the most luxurious neighborhoods of the south. It is no wonder why the money has traveled to the Northern outskirts of the Atlanta area. The area has some of the most beautiful land best schools in the southeast!

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