9 Senior Centered Side Hustles to Round Out Your Retirement

Existing Home Sales Climb Again in October

Sales of existing homes in the US rose for the second consecutive month in October and are at their highest level since July 2007, according to a Reuters report. It appears as buyers are coming out of the woodwork to avail themselves of high levels of affordability and the tax credits available for first time and existing homeowners.

When Improving Your Home, Always Think ‘Resale’

In a housing market where neighbors are competing against one another for the attention of buyers, it is important to always think about how one’s home will be perceived by future purchasers. Even if one is not anticipating moving for a number of years, it is critical to always think about resale value with every home improvement project.

The Townhome Living Advantage

In the past, most people think of a dream home as a single-family home that has a big back yard with white picket fence. But today’s real estate market offers more complicated and new options for home buyers. If you are considering buying a home, one alternative to purchasing a single-family home is to buy a townhome. Townhome living may be the perfect choice for you.

Good News From the Housing Bust! The End of Suburban Communities

The housing crush has had a range of side effects across the nation. However, with more and more new home developments struggling to fill the new properties, a new phenomenon has appeared. There are fewer and fewer new suburban developments showing up on the fringes of communities.

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in British Columbia

Did you know there are some neighborhoods in British Columbia that features homes more extravagant then homes found in those rich American cities? So, let’s look at the 5 most expensive cities in British Columbia.

The Status of the Highlands Ranch Real Estate Market

Highlands Ranch real estate in the Denver, Colorado area is highly desirable area to live for many reasons. Check out this article to find out why the community of Highlands Ranch has been able to remain so strong during these tough economic times.

Home Maintenance Responsibilities For the New Home Owner

You are a new homeowner, and you should be very proud, but it is not time to rest on your laurels. Your home’s exterior paint is not just something to make it look good. You also need to thoroughly check the crawlspaces to ensure that moisture is not collecting there. Following your maintenance schedule might just save you some major repairs and a lot of money down the road.

The Benefits of Active Adult Communities

A lot of us fear aging. This is because of the picture we have drawn about the limitations of what older people can do. We see a boring and tired life at retirement homes. The retirees also see less of their friends and families.

Home Life Vs Money – Does it Really Have to Be This Way?

Is your home and all the stuff around it really worth paying for it most all of your adult life. Maybe we have things a little out of kilter. Here are some things we need to seriously ponder.

Kauai Homes For Sale – Selecting the Region That Suits You Best

When looking for Kauai homes for sale, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you know which region of the island will suit the needs of you and your family the best. Here’s a general breakdown of the climate, housing costs, resources and amenities you can expect to experience living on the different sides of this gorgeous paradise.

Are You Wondering What Happens at Closing?

You have already made an offer to purchase the property and signed the purchase and sale or the purchase agreement with the person selling the property. Both you and the seller will be asked to sign a HUD-1 Settlement Statement. You will sign the mortgage once you are certain that you understand all of the paperwork. Once this is done, you will have become a homeowner.

A Home Inspection Checks For Problems Caused by Fire and Remodeling

A lightning strike might char the walls where the TV, computer, or other electronics are kept. Damage from such contained fires may be repaired, but they can be cause for concern for a prospective home buyer.

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