5 Things Rich Retirees Know That You Don’t.

Hermosa Beach Strand Home Sales

The Hermosa Beach Strand has remarkable views and beach access. The number of homes here is very limited and only 50 have been sold in the past decade. There are currently three on the market listed for over $10 M that may have a difficult time selling.

Vanouver WA Homes – A Great Value For Long Term

Vancouver, WA the biggest suburb of Portland, Or and got hit hard by the recent housing crash. The market is rebounding though and there are a lot of great deals to be had. Find out why you should consider looking into getting a home here in Vancouver, why it’s feasible, and how the investment can pay off in the long run.

Property Awards 2009 – Some Examples of Winners

The What House? Awards have celebrated the best in the new homes industry for 28 years. These Property Awards reward successes in new build Property; awards also given for prime developments.

Boulder, CO Area Real Estate Stats – How Did We Fare in 2009?

How did the Boulder County, Colorado Real Estate Market Fare in 2009? Record “foreclosures” in the U.S. were reported today for last year and more are expected for 2010. What does this trend mean for northern Colorado real estate?

How the Financial Crisis Affects New Home Sales and Development

This article will explain the fact that there are not many new homes for sale. We will also discuss what will need to happen for new homes to start to be built.

Manhattan Beach Mira Costa Home Sales in 2009

This past year was tough on home prices in the Mira Costa area of Manhattan Beach. The median sales price dropped 20 percent from 2008, but this may be attributable to a significant drop in the number of new homes sold. The slight rise in the number of single family homes sold may help create a positive momentum here moving forward.

Are You Interested in North Shore Lake Tahoe Real Estate?

In fact, the ski season typically runs from November through May throughout Lake Tahoe. Then, the season quickly changes over to being perfect for other outdoor activities – including many that can be enjoyed on the lake like swimming, water skiing, parasailing and more.

Private Communities – Among the Finest Residence Options in the US Today

Those who are staying at Private communities can consider themselves very lucky because they probably reside close to a championship type golf course. This obviously results in a super quality living standard coupled with the pleasure of enjoying the game of golf. Even if you are someone who is not quite crazy about golf, you will surely like the rolling greens. No wonder, private communities have become so hugely popular in recent times.

Gated Communities – Stylish and Sophisticated Ways of Life For Golfers As Well As Others Too

Several different forms of gated community residences have been present in the United States since the latter part of the nineteenth century. However, back then, these gated communities were not as popular as they have become in recent times. Gated communities have currently been opted for by as many as eight million people.

Homes Market May Be in For an Interesting Wake-Up Call

Canada’s federal government may consider raising the minimum down payment requirement from its current 5 percent and shortening the amortization period to less than the current 35 years. This news comes from Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and may have a significant effect on Kelowna’s housing market as well as other markets across the country.

Homes in Pasadena, CA

Located in Los Angeles County, California, the city of Pasadena is known for its numerous attractions. Many scientific institutions are located in the city. These include the California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and so on. It is also known for its institutes like Art Center College of Design, Pasadena City College, California School of Culinary Arts Pasadena, etc.

Manhattan Beach Tree Section Home Sales in 2009

One of the hardest hit areas with respect to home sales in the South Bay last year was the Tree section of Manhattan Beach. The number of homes sold has dropped to levels that are about a third of the peak year of 2002. The median sales price fell by an additional 11 percent in 2009. It is probably no surprise that this is an artifact of the credit market crash of 2007.

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